This is about the coolest thing I’ve read

In a sea of news about companies and the executive level at those companies doing crappy things, this article blew my mind.  I highly doubt we’ll see more articles like this, but I have to say this:  that is a pretty amazing thing those owners did for their employees.

You know what I’d love to see?  That CEO who worked at WAMU for a total of 3 weeks take the $18 million he earned and do something like this with it… or divide it up between the various foodbanks in the WAMU area… or something equally impactful.

How about the big three automakers’ CEO’s sell their private jets and do something important for their companies (and by association all the people who work for them)?

Yeah.  Just like my fairy godmother will show up and clean my house.

You know what has been hard this year?  Normally, we are able to donate to the foodbank and we do good sized donations to Salvation Army plus a couple other charities.  Normally, we work with our departments to help out a holiday family.

This year I told Todd’s mom that we won’t be able to do much for Christmas as we’re just trying to keep our food budget going.  I’ll admit it – I charged a little bit to take care of presents for the kids – something from mum & dad and the “Santa” presents.  I figure the money from tutoring will pay that back.

I know that there are people out there who don’t even have those options.  We are doing really, really well and we have the help of our families.  How many out there don’t even have that?

I really hope next year we’ll be in a better position and will be able to return to our charitable giving.  That was always one of the things I liked about the holiday season….

Anyway.  Excellent article and I think those owners deserve a huge, nationwide round of applause for doing something decent.



My voice is almost back, yay!

Ahhh…  I’m getting my voice back.  Last night sucked.  I couldn’t get much out and nothing is weirder than trying to say something and having nothing but a hoarse whisper, if anything, come out.  I woke up with a raging sore throat and once again, the rinse kit did the trick.  I’m drinking cranberry juice and I’m about to get up off my butt and make some hot lemon tea.  The kids are fed, Todd is asleep (it’s the middle of the night for him) and the dishes are in the sink.  I have laundry and cleaning to do today but I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, so I can’t guarantee much beyond the work I’ve done so far.

I think that’s probably the worst part about all this… I had planned to get a ton done this weekend and instead, here I sit in jammies…  I was good Tuesday and during the day Wednesday, but then it all went to hell.  This was my big shot and I blew it by getting sick.  On the other hand, at least I didn’t have to worry about work.  There is a silver lining to this giant gray cloud.

I’ve been eating like crazy.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s the only thing that gives me any energy.  I need to quit though…  I’m going to weigh an obscene amount after this.

Aidan is frolicking through the house and I really wish he’d go down for a nap.  I’m so tired I can barely stand it.  If I had a fairy godmother, she’d come hang out with the kids and let me sleep.  Ok.  And maybe she’d clean my house too.

And she’d clean and organize my garage.  Oh – and wash the dog (and deodorize him).


Who cares about fancy houses, cars, and jewelry?  I just want a housekeeper who will make healthy meals for my family.  Ooops.  I’m back to fantasizing about having an “Alice.”

Tired now.  Can’t think.  Wish I was over this bug.



saw the doc, it’s bronchitis

It’s official… I’ve got bronchitis.  The upside is that I know what it is.  The downside is I can’t talk.  Whoa.  That is NOT good.  I’m a talker.

Anyway.  I’m tired…  I can’t talk… The baby needs me.  So mom keeps on truckin’.  The bug is about to be dosed with antibiotics and Veramyst.  yay me.

This is disgusting, really disgusting.

I thought perhaps I was going to get through this quickly.  Wrong.  I cannot believe how sick I got in just a few short days.  I have almost no voice and the stuff coming out of my head is disgusting.  My temperature went up last night, as did Aidan’s, so I’m waiting on a call from the local “Ask a Nurse” helpline.  I’m trying to figure out if we need to get our butts into the doc-in-the-box today so we can start antibiotics.  I really, really can’t afford to miss work next week so this crud has to be kicked to the curb before then.  It figures that I’d finally get some decent time off work to be home with my family and lo – I get sick.

I have a really hard time talking and the intake rep at the help line was kind of brusque… not only that, but I’m p;lugged up so I can’t hear…  It was not a pleasant experience.  Lady, would I be calling if I wasn’t sick?  Even more, since you can hear that I have almost no voice, could you slow it down just a bit?  Holy crap.

So I had plans for this weekend that included me getting a LOT done on the housework front.  Well, that has been blown to hell.  I won’t be going to Bren’s kid’s party today – Todd gets that honor.  Aidan and I are staying home so we can keep from infecting everyone at the party.  Bren’s had this long enough and been around the kids all week, so what’s done is done and they should be fine.

Todd took care of the baby last night.  Thank god!  I needed the rest.  Tonight it’ll just be me, so I will need to nap when Aidan naps today.  I’m just crossing my fingers that he’ll actually sleep.  Oh.  And I need to go to the store to get juice.  I’ve got to get the kids to suck down all the fluids possible – and I include myself in that group.

One final thought:  I’m really glad I have that rinse kit.  I think I’d be much, much sicker than I am now if I didn’t have it.  So yay for the kit and yay for squirting saline up your nasal cavities!  (sad, huh?)

I’m going to sit here and moan a bit.  I’m avoiding talking.  It’s not comfortable at all.



Nasal rinse kit = holiday saver!

Took a Mucinex before bed.  It helped enough that I was able to sleep.  Actually, I half expected that it’d keep me up, but no – I did actually sleep….  when I wasn’t shivering in misery.

So early am, Todd took care of MD and it woke me up enough that I decided to get agressive with this bug.  I got out the nasal rinse kit.  If you’re squeamish, leave now, trust me on this…

I thought I might be a bit too plugged up to use it, but no – it worked perfectly.  It evacuated the rainbow colors from inside my head and now I’m feeling almost able to attend the festivities out at my MIL’s house today.  I really don’t want to miss the holiday feast and Bren’s family birthday celebration.  At the same time, wouldn’t it be crappy for me to go out there and give the gift of this vicious bug?

I have this really good bio-immune support stuff I got from a naturopath last year and I started in on that at 6:30am.  In another 20 minutes I’m taking 2 more, per the instructions…  I’m supposed to do this for four hours.  I’m drinking hot, lemon blossom herbal tea and I’m prepared to do another sinus rinse at 1pm, before we leave… I promise to not hug anyone and to keep my germs to myself…  does this sound like enough?

I will be SO bummed if I miss it.

Here’s the even worse part – I sent Brennan to school all week with this same crud. From the outside you just can’t tell how bad it is and now that I know how it feels, I feel like the worst mom ever for sending him to school – PLUS how many kids did we infect??!

I think I’ll call my dear MIL later this morning and explain the situation.  I need an outside, more objective opinion on whether or not I should go.  On the plus side, I’ll get lots of rest tonight so I can do the shopping with mum tomorrow morning.  Presuming of course, that I kick this thing in the ass.

I just realized something…  Todd’s aunt and gramma are going to be there.  How are they going to fit the kids staying overnight too?  I think we’d better have a chat.  I don’t want to completely burden my MIL.

All right.  I haven’t said it yet and I need to do my little list.  Happy Thanksgiving!  What am I thankful for?  Let’s see…

I’m thankful for my family –

-our warm home

-having a job

-having food in the cupboard

-our dog, sweet guy that he is

-this comfy chair that is keeping me upright

-my brain AND my heart

-my mum and her love

-my in-laws and their huge capacity for caring

-my honey and his humor, his legs, and his sexy voice (I could go on, but I’ll keep the rest to myself)

-my friends and their patience with our very busy life

and right now, at this moment, that nasal rinse kit!  It may be small, but it’s like the Delta Force against germs.

I’d like to snooze a bit and I have to stay upright so I can encourage proper, dare I say it? – yep, I’m saying it – drainage.  Ugh.  I plan that this will be the shortest live bug ever.  I plan to enjoy our family’s company – germs willing – and I plan to not let this get me down.

Have a very, very happy holiday – be safe – enjoy the company of family and friends,

I’m sick. What kind of joke is this??

I cannot believe this.  I’m sick.  Brennan’s kid’s party is Saturday.  I cannot – I cannot x100 billion – be sick.

It’s a respiratory bug… some cold thing.  I’m coughing and my voice is going.  I really want to yell at someone.  Ugh…  I felt it coming on this evening, at around 5pm.  I hate it when you can feel it coming on.  It is even worse than having it just show up.

It’s amazing to me how being sick like this can reduce a person to a 3 year old.  Bah.  I was sick two weeks ago, but it was strange and it made me a bit freakish about things.  This one is different… this is “commercial sick.”  You know what I mean?  Those commercials for Nyquil, etc.?  In them someone moans and whines about being sick and how awful they feel – then they take the medicine and everything is all perfect.

I’m the whiner.

This stupid cough sucks.  The sore throat, the post-nasal drip, and the choking feeling – that all sucks.


Wake me when it’s over.

The fine art of procrastination

It is now 2:30 pm in the afternoon.  I am the proud owner of a brand new cake pan.  I have a great sewing magazine to read and I’ve found the hardware for the bookcase upstairs and put in the shelves for it.

Here I sit, completely pooped and apathetic.  So what do I do?  Why, blog of course!

I have to begin working on the beautiful, if simple, birthday cake in a few… and I’m out of candles, so that will require another trip to the store.  I figure it’ll be about 45 minutes until MD is home.  I want to pull stuff out of the garage, but I’m just kind of worn out.  I’ll indulge in a brief pity party, read the sewing magazine, and then I’ll get out of the extremely comfy chair I’m sitting in and make the cake.

Maybe that’s all I’m supposed to get done?  Sigh…

I really DO get more done when Todd is asleep.  Dammit.

This chair is really, really comfortable.  It’s warming up to my body – it rocks slightly.  Mmmm.  I really want to take a nap too and there are no small children here yet.  Todd just put in some Siouxsie and the Banshees…  perhaps a bit of energy is headed my direction after all…

And I have a bra on today, so I could actually dance around a bit.

Oh crap, that reminds me…  Do you remember how there were all those surveys that floated around for years?  They’d say things like “What’s your favorite activity?”  Well, if one of those were to come my way, it would have said dancing and reading.  Those are two of my absolutely favorite things to do.  Guess what I get very little time to do these days?  I haven’t gone out dancing in over a year.  I’m a sad, sad woman….

And that’s my daily whine.  Enjoy.

Any bets on when the garage will get cleaned?  I’m thinking it’ll happen right around the time we move out of here.  We suck.