I give up, I’m back.

WordPress, I just can’t seem to give you up.  I like tumblr for the visuals, but don’t like the lack of comment ability on posts and the text posts get lost in the deluge of images.  So that will be my visual blog and this will be my writing place.  Sometimes you just have to give in to your personality and roll with it.

So along with that, I have to say finding out that my children are predominantly visual-spatial learners (with both having a high likelihood of being kinesthetics, too) has been eye-opening.  To find out that I, myself, am a high visual-spatial learner, in combination with verbal and logic, was equally amazing.  Now it might now seem important, but I truly had no idea that not everyone thinks in images/smells/tastes.  In fact, to be honest, I’m having a really hard time imagining how non-visual-spatials do think.

My situation with the boys is complicated by the fact that I’m ultra high verbal.  Try helping expressive speech-delayed kids when you’re highly verbal.  It’s like trying to teach someone to catch water with a tea cup by spraying them with a hose.  Yeah.  It’s that successful.

My kids need some special handling because the typical sequential learning is not always going to work well for them.  My oldest demonstrates exactly the kind of issues these kids face – high performing during the young years when physical manipulatives were common and descending performance as more sequential processing has become standard in his class.  He started to run up against this in 3rd grade and it has partially continued in 4th grade.  The fact that he has an incredibly talented and creative teacher has been a big part of why he hasn’t completely fallen through the cracks.

She’s the one who got me to look into the possibility that the reason he’s having issues in the traditional classroom is this thinking/processing style that is so different.  Couple it with the expressive speech problems and without intervention, he could turn into the classic gifted underachiever.  So here’s my comment to those of you who see a pattern of a high-performing kid starting to drop off around 3rd or 4th grade… check in with them on how they perceive the world.  Start looking into visual-spatial learners (VSL).  Please do not assume that they are struggling because of a character defect or effort issues (one book I looked into actually said this!).  These kids are highly sensitive to criticism, emotionally astute (they pick up on non-verbal emotional clues easily) and they can be successful with some adaptations to the learning strategies.

So I’ve got some “assigned” reading to do over the spring break.  Oooh, sounds like fun!



so very tired

Having fun at the other site, but thought I’d check in for those that don’t want to dig through the random images I’ve been collecting.  I stayed up too late last night and forgot to take a sleeping pill before actually sacking out.  Busy Brain woke me at 4am and it was downhill from there.  Why Mr. Insomnia, why?

Work and school are going swimmingly.  Family is happy, although the healthy part continues to elude us.  So unfair that these germs keep resurrecting.

Meant to tackle housework today and joy of joys, I’m too tired to even read.  I think I could nap but then what would that do to my sleep pattern this evening?

Life can be so difficult sometimes.  If this is the only problem I’m currently experiencing, then I’d have to say that I’m more than a bit lucky.

I’ve sort of moved to a “new location”

Find me at funnyirl.tumblr.com  and I may once in a while return here, but Funny In Real Life is where I feel more at home.

Admit it… we all saw this coming, right?  I have the attention span of a gnat.  I may return once in a while for a longer post, but I like the interface and I’m LOVING the images that I can share.  And I’m a giant lazy butt.

So come find me there.  It may be random, but it’s fun.