Insomnia Blog 2.0

Now this is getting tedious.  Up at 3:33am this morning.  I was awake for a bit before I got up and I know I was conscious for at least 10-15 minutes.  Bah.  My biorythm is obviously off in a big way.  I guess I can view this as a positive, since it gives me some uninterrupted and free blogging time, but truly I’d prefer to be sleeping right now.

Some might have noticed that I posted the game which consisted of answering seven questions and then tagging others.  I left it up for a while, as it was fun to think of strange and little-known facts about myself, but eventually I realized that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share some of those things.  Now this might seem ironic, given that I’m usually blatantly honest in what I write on my blogs, it’s just that I’m in a state of change right now.  This means that I’m editing myself much more heavily than I normally do, something that is definitely necessary.

But I do have something a bit more interesting to share this morning.  I’ve been invited, along with three other English graduates, to speak to my favorite professor’s senior seminar.  She’s given us two simple questions to answer about our post-BA work and plans.  I’m thrilled because I’m hoping that perhaps even just one person who was waffling on graduate school will tip over into the “Yes!” category after hearing us talk.  I know… It might not happen.  It would make my day though.

From the look of the panel she has assembled, I’d say that we are a nice diverse group.  It appears that I’m the only one who is heading off to graduate school now, but the others are doing incredible things and it looks like they are actually making USE of those English degrees.  One could say that I am as well, editing items for my department and ensuring that my boss doesn’t sound awful.  (that last is a particularly funny one… he’s an economist, not a writer… but that’s why he has me)

Truly though, I am not working in my degree area.  Sometimes that is frustrating, but my options were limited.  I don’t want to write for a publication – I think my writing skills are questionable at best.  I am dry.  I am not particularly witty.  I tend to be overly analytical and get caught up in the research, rather than the production of pages.  Worst of all, I need feedback and I love to work with other people – bouncing ideas back and forth.  Much of this is why I chose to become a librarian.  If I were more of a grammarian, I would actively and aggressively pursue a career in editing.  One of my chief loves is working with other students on their papers.  I’ll address this in my “What I want to be when I grow up” blog that is currently a saved work in progress, but my goal is to be an academic librarian.  I want to help others do the research… help bring them and the sources together.

Perhaps I’ll even get to do some freelance editing for a few undergraduates.  That would be the cream on top of the cake.

Yes, it’s with joy that I’ll be able to chat about my choice to go to school for Library and Information Science (boy! big title, eh?)…  Even more, I’m looking forward to being able to give some input on the GRE (not as bad as you’d think) and the application and interviewing process.  It’ll be brief – we only have 5 minutes for that piece, but I think I can be effective.

One last thought on that note.  I’m a ridiculously poor public speaker.  I get flushed.  I talk too fast.  Have I mentioned that I get flushed?  Not just a tinge of pink, but truly bright red – cheeks, neck…. ugh.

I have to learn though.  I’ll be doing much more of this, both in my graduate schooling and in my career.  So practice will be welcome.

That’s it.  I need to begin winding down.  Maybe I can get another hour or so of sleep before the alarm goes off.

Hope you’re sleeping snug in your beds,


My first WordPress Insomnia Blog

I’ve been up since 3am.  It’s going to be a very long day…  The problem is that I’ve got too much on my mind and too much to do.  So here I sit, having done my taxes, sent off some messages, and having applied for the loan to pay those taxes.  What a morning.  And it’s only 5:30am.  I need to get in the shower, continue doing the laundry, and I need to eat something that will keep me going.  I expect, and I believe this is completely reasonable, that I will fade around 10 or 11am.

We have dinner with my mum tonight.  We’re finally doing the birthday dinner.  I’m going to be an exhausted wreck.  On the upside, I did get about 6 hours sleep… ok, not quite 6 hours.  So perhaps it won’t be as bad as I expect.

And pigs might fly.

I’d love to go back to bed for 2 hours.  I could probably survive on that much sleep.  Alternately, it might make things worse.  If I do go back to bed, I’ll have to walk to work.  I’m trying to decide if this is a bad thing or not.  It’s slippery and cold out there.

Oh hell.  I don’t know.  I’m tired, finally, and my neck hurts.  This is too much thinking for this early in the morning.

grumpily submitted,

A little bit of subversive baby humor…

On the trip to Portland my mum and I found this little shop, nothing more than a hole in the wall really, and it contained some truly funny stuff.  What caught my eye, mum that I am myself, were the humorous onesies.  I wish I’d found a few of these when my oldest was a baby, maybe he’d have a better sense of humor!  (ooh, I’m going to mommy hell for that comment, aren’t I?)


Well, with my second baby – and last by the way – I am much better at finding the humor in things.  It started when he was born and perhaps it’s less about me and more about his nature.  When Aidan was born he almost immediately took on an expression that told us he knew the great cosmic joke and we didn’t.  Since that time, that impression has only been reinforced.  He is the funniest child, always ready with a gummy smile and an infectious laugh.  I used to wonder at that phrase, “infectious laugh,” and now I completely understand it.  Sometimes it’s a full belly-laugh and other times it’s a giggle.  I dare anyone to listen to it without at least sharing a smile with him.


Yes, I’m digressing. 


Anyway, in this shop we found some great onesies…  two of which had to come home with us.  The one with “iPoop” was in honor of his dad, who hates the poopy diapers (good grief! Who doesn’t?) and who is also a serious iPod junkie.  The second was for all of us:  “Already smarter than the President.”


Now, I don’t normally get into politics.  I usually avoid writing about it as there are so many others who are truly talented when it comes to skewering the political scene.  Our dear friend, Jordan, is one of those brilliant writers, the kind who can nail it with words in a way I just can’t begin to approach.  This is one instance when I will stray into that area… dip my toes, and then retreat to write on more mundane topics.


The current President makes me nuts.  His voice makes my teeth come together in a grinding fashion.  His smirking grin is my trigger to tromp off through the house, ranting about everything that has ever come out of his mouth.


When I found this onesie for my sweet, smiling baby, I laughed until I cried.  I am mercilessly using my cute boy to further my agenda.  I admit it.  He’ll wear it with his lovely, smiling face and even the most hardened Republican will have to smile in return.  What I wonder is this:  Will they only be smiling because of my boy?  Or will there, perhaps, be some shared sentiment there? 


I can only hope.


Finding the humor,

Lunch (?) break and celebration!

I’m really horrible about taking lunch breaks.  Part of the problem is that I like my day to be as short as possible.  Yes, taking a break is important, but my sanity is equally important.  Shortening a 9 hour day to 8 may not sound like much, but it does make a difference.


Today it took me almost 2 full hours to get to work because of the snow that dumped on us.  It wasn’t a huge amount, in the greater scheme of things, but the fluffy snow combined with the ice from the frozen rain made it treacherous.  And I was driving my kids to the grandparents house, so I was being as cautious as possible.  Add the commute to my day and I’m looking at almost 12 hours today…


Is it any wonder that I don’t want to prolong the time with that pesky lunch hour?  A counterpoint to this argument is the fact that I need to eat.  I also need to stretch my legs and see some other environment for a bit.  So I bought my boss coffee this morning.  It was a good excuse to get away, plus I was celebrating.  Yes.  I was celebrating the fact that my formal acceptance into my graduate program came into my email this morning.  What a lovely way to start off my day!


I know the hard work is coming when I start in August, but for now I can bask in the happiness that I made it through.  I was so worried.  It’s nothing new for me to be worried about how I do in academic areas, but in this instance I had a lot of my heart wrapped up in it.  I’ve spent the better part of the last two years interviewing professionals and researching the field.  I’ve looked at my interests, both academic and personal, and library and information science is a great match for me.  Knowing this, it’s been hard to sit back and wait for the acceptance letter. 


I even went so far as to plan my backup strategy, but truthfully, my heart wasn’t in it. 


Now I have reason to smile.


The back side of this happy news is the thought that we will have some major coordinating to do starting this fall.  Todd will be working (hopefully) and so will I.  We’ll both be in school and Brennan will be in Kindergarten for half days.  The baby will have to go to gramma’s house and that means two trips taking kids out there, each day.  Then the big pick up at the end of the day.  We’ll have to fit in workouts, homework, family time, AND time for ourselves…


I’m actually thinking that I need to consider finding a part-time position here on campus in order to make this work.  I don’t know any other way to do it.


For now there is nothing I can do about it.  Until we know more – Bren’s schedule (and which school he’ll be attending), Todd’s schedule for classes, and our financial aid awards…


Well.  Let’s just say there are a lot of unknowns to be factored in.  We’ll know more by April or May.


Other people do it and survive.  I’m sure we will too.


Cross your fingers for us. 



Sunday morning ramble

I just looked at the time and realized I have to get on the road to retrieve my oldest from his first sleep-over birthday party.  Time has flown since I dropped him off last night.  It’s not so much the location, as he’s spent the night over there before, it’s just that there were a bunch of kids he didn’t know and I worried that he might be uncomfortable.  From the message I got last night (his friend’s mom is my dear friend), I’d say my worries were unfounded.

So now I need to pull myself together and go get him.  It’s a funny thing.  I thought I’d have a lot of time this morning.  Instead, I’m feeling rushed.  I suppose staying up late getting things done was good last night, but it left me fatigued this morning.  This is curious as I’m normally a morning person… not necessarily bright and cheerful, but motivated and productive.

Oh well.  A strong, hot cup of tea and a steamy shower should perk me up.  The combination is a good cure (or at least balm) for a ridiculous winter cold like the one I have.  I hope he had fun.  I hope he got enough sleep so he won’t be a bear today.

Other than these few morning bits, there is the usual Sunday grind…. laundry, dishes, cooking (well, with the microwave… easy stuff), and prepping myself for the coming week.  It’d be nice to have some time away from the office, but it’s not in the cards so I need to make the most of today.

Shower time.

Cheers on a icy Sunday morning,

and if that wasn’t weird enough…

Todd called me at work on Wednesday to report on the kids.  Aidan had been sleeping in his crib, but woke up fretting and crying.  Todd went into the kitchen to make a bottle, leaving the baby to cry his little heart out.

And the story went something like this…

“I could hear the crying in the distance, but then, gradually, it got closer and closer, until it stopped.  I looked out into the living room in time to see Brennan carrying [um, sure – he’s only got about 10 inches and 15 lbs on the baby] Aidan into the living room.  I asked Bren how he got Aidan out of the crib and he told me this:

‘I floated over the crib and got him.'”

What do you say to something like that?  I was sitting at work, stunned and speechless.  Apparently Todd laughed but told him not to do it again.  When I asked Bren about it, he replied simply with a small smile – “I floated over the crib.”

Will we walk into his bedroom one day, only to find him hovering four feet off the floor?

I would not be surprised.

Something fun added to my blogroll

I had been warned, but I couldn’t help it.  I added The Domestic Minx.  She is amazing.  Her talent with words has swept me off my blogging feet.  I bow down to her.

She is a delightful mix of language, experience, and vivid turn-of-phrase.  Best of all, in my humble opinion… She is a blend of the domestic with the naughty.  I read several entries before I had to stop (bed is still calling, or at the very least, the reclining chair).  I would drink tea and share stories with her any day.  She is food for the Wild for Words Woman.  So I added her.

Read at your own risk.  You might blush.  You will definitely be entertained.