A little bit of subversive baby humor…

On the trip to Portland my mum and I found this little shop, nothing more than a hole in the wall really, and it contained some truly funny stuff.  What caught my eye, mum that I am myself, were the humorous onesies.  I wish I’d found a few of these when my oldest was a baby, maybe he’d have a better sense of humor!  (ooh, I’m going to mommy hell for that comment, aren’t I?)


Well, with my second baby – and last by the way – I am much better at finding the humor in things.  It started when he was born and perhaps it’s less about me and more about his nature.  When Aidan was born he almost immediately took on an expression that told us he knew the great cosmic joke and we didn’t.  Since that time, that impression has only been reinforced.  He is the funniest child, always ready with a gummy smile and an infectious laugh.  I used to wonder at that phrase, “infectious laugh,” and now I completely understand it.  Sometimes it’s a full belly-laugh and other times it’s a giggle.  I dare anyone to listen to it without at least sharing a smile with him.


Yes, I’m digressing. 


Anyway, in this shop we found some great onesies…  two of which had to come home with us.  The one with “iPoop” was in honor of his dad, who hates the poopy diapers (good grief! Who doesn’t?) and who is also a serious iPod junkie.  The second was for all of us:  “Already smarter than the President.”


Now, I don’t normally get into politics.  I usually avoid writing about it as there are so many others who are truly talented when it comes to skewering the political scene.  Our dear friend, Jordan, is one of those brilliant writers, the kind who can nail it with words in a way I just can’t begin to approach.  This is one instance when I will stray into that area… dip my toes, and then retreat to write on more mundane topics.


The current President makes me nuts.  His voice makes my teeth come together in a grinding fashion.  His smirking grin is my trigger to tromp off through the house, ranting about everything that has ever come out of his mouth.


When I found this onesie for my sweet, smiling baby, I laughed until I cried.  I am mercilessly using my cute boy to further my agenda.  I admit it.  He’ll wear it with his lovely, smiling face and even the most hardened Republican will have to smile in return.  What I wonder is this:  Will they only be smiling because of my boy?  Or will there, perhaps, be some shared sentiment there? 


I can only hope.


Finding the humor,


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