A bit of trivial information about me…

Mom. That’s the most important bit you need to know. I have two boys, one husband (who has time for more than one??) and a big goofy dog. I love reading, but the kids – mostly the baby – make that hard. I love language and the trapping of interesting words into my lexicon.

I have my English degree, but I am far from being a grammarian. I work at a university, but I am a peon and an office-slave.


Welcome to the long overdue update that I really shouldn’t be writing when I really SHOULD be getting ready for work, but what was here previously was too long.  Ok.  It was also dangerously out of date.

Big life changes over the last two years, which is approximately when I wrote the original update.  Here’s the quick version –

Yes, I’m in graduate school, pursuing a Master’s in Information Systems Management.  It took me a long, long time to get my butt in gear and determine that I have the guts, the capability and the interest to head off into the tech world.  Now that I’m studying in the field, I’m a wee bit crushed that I didn’t gather my courage a very long time ago.  In a moment of irony, a man that drove me nuts with his management style did actually suggest to me in 1999 that I should strongly consider a career in MIS.  Did I listen?  Of course not!  Am I now preparing for it?  Absolutely.

The children are growing fast as can be.  Our little guy is going to be 3 in 2010 and our big guy is now 7, with 8 looming next fall.  8 sounds so old.  Or is it just me that has become old.

Todd is shifting to a more applied computer science program and we’re thrilled – not because it is ridiculously expensive, but because he will complete it more quickly, it is an evening program, and because he’ll have marketable skills much more quickly.

I had escaped the gravitational pull of the university where I have been working for a few years, only to last 7 months on the “outside” and now I’m back.  I no longer consider myself an office peon, but have tossed that title out and I am simply administrative support…  no implications, negative or otherwise.

Intellectually, I am continuing to synthesize all the strange majors I have had and now I’m incorporating the information transfer cycle I learned in my brief time as a graduate student in library science into my IS studies.  I have no regrets about my long and winding academic path.  My only promises to myself at this point are to keep writing, keep reading, and YES, I will make use of my graduate degree when it is complete.  I will NOT let it sit idle.

And now that I’ve used up too much time in my morning routine, I had better get my ass in gear.

If you’re reading this – welcome.  Thank you for sharing in my small, strange world.  I use […] too often.  I love language.  I love communicating.  I love digging around in motivations, tearing them apart to see what makes them tick, and then sharing the results I find.

But most of all, I love my family and I’m very glad to be a part of this enormous writing community, sharing in the wonder of living and reading about how we all manage to pull it off.

moonfire – January 2010


One thought on “A bit of trivial information about me…

  1. Thanks for the link in the sidebar. (My blog told me I had a link here and that’s how I discovered it… My blog told me… that is a weird thing to say.)

    Anyway, I’ve only been reading here for about 5 minutes but I was a bit taken aback by your writing voice, thoughts and what I’ve learned so far about your personality and life. I felt kind of weird – as if I’m reading a blog written by another me living in an alternate universe… I’ve had people visit my blog and they’ve told me they feel a connection to me, that I’m a kindred soul, etc, etc. – but I don’t always find that I feel the same when I read their blogs, (at least not to the extent they seem to feel it) – so this is a bit odd being on the other side.

    Anyway, I just thought I would say “hello” … 🙂

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