The latest from our corner of earth

I’ve been slacking.  I know this.  But honestly, I’m trying to keep up with life in general and I’m working on very little sleep.  This isn’t an unusual state for me, but it’s the reason I haven’t been keeping up with this blog.

I’ve been reading the news lately, cringing at the insane things our leaders keep coming up with.  Honestly, they are so completely out of touch with the regular people in this country that it’s almost a grand joke.  Between GW and our governor, I’m fairly convinced that they live in cloud cities where reality is never allowed to intrude.

All I can do at this point is shake my head and take care of my family as well as I am able.

I have spring fever right now and I am dying to plant flowers.  Given that I have an extreme “black thumb” this is seriously strange.  I can’t help it.  Something about our little house is begging me to plant growing things and to make it feel loved.

Our landlord told me to plant anything I want.  That and he’s ok’d me to re-paint the front door.  So I’ll tackle that next weekend.  This one is devoted to ridding our yard of the brush-pile.  It’s already killed the grass, but perhaps we can at least get things looking better.  That reminds me:  we need to get a small lawn mower.  I’ll have to start watching sales. 

Anyway, I’m ordering clematis and some hardy kiwis to grow, along with a mixed assortment of perennials for the streetside of our hedge.  The young people that live down the street from us think it’s a repository for beer bottles.  I intend to make it pretty so they rethink that notion.

I did notice yesterday that I’ve got lovely bright yellow snowdrops in our front garden area.  They are partly overwhelmed by the ivy, but I intend to cut it back and give them a chance. 

I’m so excited about spring that I can hardly stand it.  It’s really weird.  I’ve never been a gardener before – at least not since I was a little kid.  There is something about this house that is bringing it out in me.  I like that.  It’s a reinforcement about the house actually being our home.

Now if only that distant relative would pass some money our way so we could buy it right away.  I do know that the best things in life are worth working for and the wait will be fine.  I’m just praying that Max and Vanessa can wait while we get things in shape for being approved. 

It’s time to get back to work.  Break is over and I have the papers on my desk calling me in their remote, silent way.



It’s been a while, mostly due to life intruding

A friend at work commented that it seems like he can never get everything done.  I completely understand.  And worse yet?  He has teenagers.

I thought it would get easier (at least from the “time” standpoint) as they got older. 

Here’s the list of things I can’t see to get done:

1.  Working out. 
2.  Unpacking everything into the house (still).
3.  Grocery shopping, at least on a semi-regular basis.
4.  Hobbies – boy that one’s a laugh!

The laundry gets done, often at the expense of other things.  The dishes are kept up, for the most part.  The kids are fed, bathed, clothed, and played with.

The rest is a disaster.

I think the hardest part about it is my ability to be a slob has evaporated into a raging need for order.  Unfortunately, my hormone situation took over this weekend and I was left with nothing.  It’s been a misery and I could swear that it’s getting worse.  I’m trying to hold off for the surgery until May, but I’m currently going through the temptation to schedule it for an earlier date.  Even Todd sees that something is awry in my system.

I’ll give it one more cycle and if it’s continuing to worsen, I’ll see about bumping it up on my schedule to April. 

Along those lines though, I was at Bren’s swimming lesson and I saw a toddler – a little red-headed girl – of about 1 or 2 years old.  I love my boys dearly, but for that evening, I wished that I could have one more.  I’m not entirely unrealistic.  I know that my body has taken a beating with my pregnancies and even more, I know that we can’t afford it.   I’ve got graduate school beginning this fall and with Todd & I in school, things are already pressure-filled enough.

It didn’t stop my heart from hurting for just a bit.  As miserable as I was in my last pregnancy, saying good-bye to those “baby” years is a tough thing.  There is something wonderful about sitting with that little person cuddled up to you, enjoying the baby-smell and feeling that soft skin. 

At the same time, my ability to deal with the demands of a baby are coming to a slow-down, with full-stop imminent.  Bren is at an age where it’s getting fun exploring his thoughts on the world at large…  He’s learning to count to 100 and he has a couple books that he reads to ME now.  He is curious and loving and funny.  I don’t want to go back to the baby years.  I want to enjoy all that is coming for him as he begins school this year.

 Aidan is growing so quickly that it’s almost scary.  He wants to walk.  Actually, I think he wants to run.  He is insistent, now, that his Dad has to play with him.  Yes, he still loves to cuddle with me and bottle time is our bonding time, but he is growing up and away from me.  His smile is amazing and I’m fairly certain that he needs a crash helmet, but then again… I remember thinking that about Bren too.

Bren wants me to sew his “space” quilt… so I need to get the office/sewing space fully ready to go.   I suppose I could count that in the “hobby” column. 

Working out?  Well…  I don’t know.  Swimming lessons for Bren are important.  Work is important.  Sleep is important.

Maybe I can simply worry it off….

I sang a part of a Queen song to Bren this morning.  He was having a hard time waking up and I knew it would make him smile. 

I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride my bike.
I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride it where I like…

Yeah.  I think it was just as much for me as anything. 

Cheers on a Monday morning, beautiful in all it’s rainy glory!

counting blessings

I’m typing one-handed as I’m feeding the baby while I write… I guess this is an absolute “mum” moment.

Ok. Done now. Good thing too. Hard to type one-handed… really hard.

I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday – maybe even longer than that. Here’s the story: My oldest LOVES vegetables. I don’t mean he just eats them. He will choose them over other foods, consistently. In a sea of things that can drive a parent nuts about their kids (the gimmees, the not listening, arguing, whining), this is one thing that I have to count my blessings about. It’s an amazing thing to watch. His favorite meal is steamed broccoli and chicken nuggets. Now I KNOW that chicken nuggets are nutritionally void, except for a bit (and I mean a BIT) of protein. They are mostly filler and bread. So I handled that one by going to vegetarian chicken bits, so at least they are marginally better.

Here’s the kicker though… He will eat maybe one or two of the nuggets and that’s with prompting. He will eat the ENTIRE bag of steamed broccoli. Four servings (adult sized no less) of broccoli. He loves green beans. He likes salad. He eats tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. Dad just started making sauteed bok choy – Bren eats that too – and – asks for more.

He eats fresh fruit.

Getting him to eat meat is a fight.

What I finally realized is this: why fight it? I’ll find ways to get protein into his diet. I’ll give him full-fat cheese. The kid is thin and active. He’s not under-weight and his skin is amazing. He knows I don’t like him to eat sugar and soda is a no-no unless it’s a very infrequent treat.

I need to quit worrying about what he eats. I need to be proud of the fact that he loves vegetables and I need to keep bringing new things in for him to try. I made “creamy carrot soup” last night. It wasn’t a total success, mostly because I deviated from the recipe, but also because of the texture – the creamy part was good…. but I put a bit of celery seed in it and there was a gritty texture, plus bitter after-taste that didn’t work for either me or Bren.

So I asked him… what if I made a sweet carrot soup? He said “sure” he’d try it.

Here’s what I’ll do… I’m going to use purified water, carrots, brown rice syrup, agave syrup, cinnamon and ginger, plus my secret ingredient – tofu. I’ll use a bit of grated orange peel, coriander and fresh orange juice too. There will be a touch of sea salt, to balance it.

It’s going to be an experiment. I can’t guarantee that it will be wonderful, but perhaps it will be yummy. I’ll post a note about the results here.

This works as an update on the detox diet. It’s going well, although I admit that I’ve been slipping a bit. It’s fine though, because, in all honesty, I’ve been eating so much better that it’s amazing. My weight is dropping and I feel better. I’m sure that I’d feel even better if I was being fully adherent, but the truth is that I am weak about food. I look at something – a picture, a description, or worst of all – a scent – and I begin imagining the taste and texture.

I’ve often toyed with the notion of being a pesce-ovo-lacto vegetarian, because I don’t care for the taste of meat most of the time. I can’t give up shrimp or crab. I love cheese. I like eggs – usually.

My thought is that Bren would probably be fine with that concept. He’s verging on it anyway. I don’t count fast food as that stuff has no right to be called food. For the record – he’ll eat cheeseburgers from fast food places, although he won’t eat chicken from there. I can satisfy that cheeseburger urge for us with boca “american flame-grilled” veggie burgers… yum! They taste great with ketchup and cheese. (Yep, yet more “bad” stuff….. but I can live with it!)

Aidan HATES the meat baby foods…. He looks at us with a horrified face, then spits it out. I need to research babies and tofu. He’s fine now, due to his formula, but eventually I’ll have to do something about it.

Top all this off with the news of a huge beef recall.

I wonder if perhaps fate and our children aren’t working in tandem to set us on a certain path?

And Todd is doing well with the detox diet. If we can be compliant and stay away from meat, he might consider the family being more vegetarian (in an extremely loose sense of the word – no offense given to TRUE vegetarians), while he can periodically do his manly steak thing.

As for all of us…? Our favorite place to eat is one of two seafood restaurants here in town. Ask Bren where he wants to go and he says “Red Lobster!”

“Mom, are you going to get the crab? If you do, I want some…”

I am SO lucky. Time to count blessings.

I love my family!


Back to work in about an hour

So Gramma is down with it now.  We got the call last night.  I was going to head to work today, but instead I’m home with the kids.  It’s good.  I think I needed some more time home anyway.  Poor Gramma.  Actually both grammas have it now.

We’re just counting down until the granpa gets it too.  That’s really going to suck.

I feel much better, although I feel weak, tired and my mouth is killing me.  Not sure why, unless it was from all the acidity?  No idea.  Just glad to NOT have a temperature.  Work is going to suck.  Missing this much time is awful.  Will work 3-4 hours today, 9 tomorrow and then 3-4 on Saturday.  Lucky me.

I really wish my mouth wasn’t hurting.  I think I’d almost feel human if it weren’t for that aspect.

Detox diet is going in spits and spurts.  Hard to detox when you have no appetite except for crackers and toast.  Sipping vitamin water and just had hot soup.  At least I have something in my tummy.

Wishing good health to all,

Sick family

This will be brief as I’m fairly tired.  Some kind of nasty virus is working it’s way through my family.  I had severe nausea, headache and fatigue… the baby had diarrhea and vomiting…  Bren and Todd have had severe vomiting, headaches and temps.

Misery.  If you live in the Boise area, be warned – it is going through town like wildfire.  It got in our house because I went to a friend’s house last weekend and her daughter was vomiting.  Now it’s burned through my house and it appears to have about a 6 day incubation period, so by the time you know you’re sick, you’ve already infected other people.  My oldest (and sickest one) was at a birthday party on Saturday and about 1/2 an hour after he got home the symptoms showed up…  which means he may have zapped 9 other kids.

I’m keeping everyone home today and hoping that we see the last of it soon.  It started Friday for the baby and Saturday for everyone else.  Bren still has a temperature this morning, so he’s not done yet (and he just threw up the liquids he tried to get in this morning).

I don’t know why it hits some harder than others.  It’s strange.  I guess I’m lucky?  Or I haven’t fully had it yet.  Crossing my fingers for the first option.

Oh and I forgot about the stomach cramping.  Bren’s a bit dehydrated and he’s got stomach cramping that makes him cry.  It’s periodic and after being told to head into the ER last night (checked in with on-call nurse from our pediatrician’s office first), doc said it’s the stomach cramping with the virus.  Just glad it isn’t appendicitis on top of everything else.

ok, off to keep children quiet and hydrated.  Tired, tired mommy here…


And off we go!

Todd is taking over the family nutrition.  We’re going on the detox diet – organic, vegetarian, healthy.  We’re tired and we’re tired of feeling sick.  All the junk food, all the heavily processed foods… we’re cleansing it out of our systems.

I’m just glad he’s taking over.  I’ve got enough going on trying to clean up our finances and prepare for school this fall.  I think it’s a fair split – I handle financial health and he handles nutritional health.

Ok.  I’ve got to get up and get laundry done.  The baby and I have picked up some kind of  GI bug, so I’m moving much more slowly than last weekend.  I wish I had the energy to work on things but right now I feel like crap.  Yay me.

cheers from chaos central,