[all said in whiny 3 year old voice]

I don’t want to be in school anymore!  I don’t want to study!

I want to play.  I want to goof off.  And yes, I’d even do housework!

[anxiety moment done, returns to normal voice]

It really is that bad.  I think I fried my “school circuits” last fall.  Now I’m simply desperate to be done.  Only 3 months to go.  Not even a full 3 months.

We’re sick right now… some kind of icky sinus virus thingy.  It’s making me have a miserable, wicked headache and dizziness (and an earache that hurts even when pressed on a pillow).  This means I have even less patience than usual with school.  Good thing I’m finishing up my degree now because I’m very close to losing my mind.

My honey needs to get a job.  Please, please, please let him find one soon so I don’t lose my mind due to that issue too.  I think I’m only allowed to lose it once.

I’d love to write something more, but I think that’s all I’ve got.  In a couple of months I might return to a more humorous tone.  For now I’m just going to continue limping along.  Somewhere in this mix I’ve got to write a final project for my capstone.  I have one thing to say:  Augh.


Itty bitty patience

In my next life I will hope for patience.

Of course, with my interesting luck I’ll end up being a sea turtle.

The boys are tucked into bed.  My honey is studying and I have just finished my thread postings for the evening.  I’m finding that I have the art of procrastination finely honed at this point.  I’m able to take a perfectly decent extra day off and completely fritter it away.

I am to the point now where I look at my textbook and immediately have the visceral response one might experience with a large spider or a surprise visit from a snake.  I want to smack it with a boot or run away.  The jury’s still out on what the decision might be.

In order to pull myself out of this response cycle, I’m thinking about buying a bag of chocolates and each time I read a page I can have one.  I figure it worked with Hot Wheels and potty training for my youngest, so maybe it’ll work with me too.

Yes.  It’s time to graduate, otherwise I might end up with a box or two of donuts.


Attention span of a flea

Second to last class of my degree and I have the attention span of a flea.  No exaggeration.  I’ve developed a new appreciation for my flannel jammies, even while my text book sits on my beside desk, collecting dust. 

I’ll address the issue this afternoon, but for now Daniel Craig as James Bond beckons.  Damn.  He does make a fantastic James Bond… very in line with the books, although it has been better than 20 years since I last read them, so my memory may be more than a bit fuzzy.

As a family we’re currently going through a period that requires patience.  I wonder if there is a way to “earn” it or learn it.  So far, I’m not doing all that well.  My brain wants to organize things – plan ahead – but there are too many unknowns, so I’m left in a loop of what ifs.  Frustrating!

It seems to be better during the week, mostly because I’m so busy that my mind is distracted.

Well, that is the extent of my attention-span for writing today.  Each day is one more checked off towards the end of my degree.  I’m going to dance like crazy the day that it is done.