Sick family

This will be brief as I’m fairly tired.  Some kind of nasty virus is working it’s way through my family.  I had severe nausea, headache and fatigue… the baby had diarrhea and vomiting…  Bren and Todd have had severe vomiting, headaches and temps.

Misery.  If you live in the Boise area, be warned – it is going through town like wildfire.  It got in our house because I went to a friend’s house last weekend and her daughter was vomiting.  Now it’s burned through my house and it appears to have about a 6 day incubation period, so by the time you know you’re sick, you’ve already infected other people.  My oldest (and sickest one) was at a birthday party on Saturday and about 1/2 an hour after he got home the symptoms showed up…  which means he may have zapped 9 other kids.

I’m keeping everyone home today and hoping that we see the last of it soon.  It started Friday for the baby and Saturday for everyone else.  Bren still has a temperature this morning, so he’s not done yet (and he just threw up the liquids he tried to get in this morning).

I don’t know why it hits some harder than others.  It’s strange.  I guess I’m lucky?  Or I haven’t fully had it yet.  Crossing my fingers for the first option.

Oh and I forgot about the stomach cramping.  Bren’s a bit dehydrated and he’s got stomach cramping that makes him cry.  It’s periodic and after being told to head into the ER last night (checked in with on-call nurse from our pediatrician’s office first), doc said it’s the stomach cramping with the virus.  Just glad it isn’t appendicitis on top of everything else.

ok, off to keep children quiet and hydrated.  Tired, tired mommy here…



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