Potty Time

At various times over the last 6 days I’ve had my own personal version of “Party all the time” going through my head – with the one substitution of “Potty”.  Now that we are doing it, we are doing all the time!  I’m thinking that he must have REALLY been using the hell out of those diapers.  And that’s why I loved Pampers for him.  Those are some hard-core diapers.

No.  I never thought I’d type that phrase… ever.

The small guy continues in his rock-star status.  Never get in his way once he’s made up his mind on a subject.  Holy smokes.  It’s amazing to behold.

Our big guy has been really tolerant.  I’m thinking we’ll need reinforcement for him to make up for getting firmly placed in the back seat attention-wise for the last week.  On the other hand, he’s been great about getting his reading done and I’m seeing some more math work in his near future.

My class is going poorly.  It’s pretty much a major disaster at this point.  I will hang in there to the end, but I feel like it’s pretty much a dismal outlook.  I’m tired and I think I’ve got a lovely case of pink eye, so it’s hard to get very worked up about it.  I simply do not want to have to repeat the class so I’ll have to hang in there.

I committed to a week-long out of town training coming up in June, consequently it appears that I’m renewing my commitment to stay at my job.  This produces mixed emotions in me, not the least of which is “How the hell am I going to make it???” and “Am I insane??”

Yeah.  It boggles the mind.

Well, I’m done in.  My hands are sore from all the washing.  It’s great for hygiene and killer on skin hydration.  I’ve got good hand cream.  Good thing as my hands are not thrilled with me.

One final note:  Band Aids and silky tape SUCK on tender young child skin.

cheers from Potty-Land,


An end to diapers, built on the backs of Hot Wheels…

Oh Hot Wheels – how I love thee!

Our small guy is almost 100% compliant with potty training.  Only miss?  Nap-time and he was so unhappy about it -but we were very reinforcing about it just being an accident (he was worried about bedtime too).

Had to go online tonight and get a bulk lot of them, as it will be cheaper.

I cannot believe how well it’s going and it’s all because of these wonderful little cars.  I already loved them anyway (sigh).  Now I think they are the best thing EVER.  We actually ran out and Todd is running to the store for a supply to keep here and send with small guy to gramma’s house this next week.  We are likely massively skewing Fred Meyer’s inventory stats on them.

This is such a relief.  I was stumped.  I had no idea how we were ever going to get him to try the potty.  It seemed like futility.  Then along came the treatment for the molluscum and our guy just happens to be nuts for cars.  Could we have a setback?  Well, yes we could.  But our small guy is not wishy-washy about things.  When he decides something, it just is.

So if you see me in the toy aisle, stocking up and eye-balling the Hot Wheels like they are miracles, just smile and think about how I might not be shopping in the diaper aisle much longer.


Potty training, ER, Falls… Yeah.

Haven’t been writing.  Why?  Well, oldest didn’t have MRSA – YAY!  Short guy DID have Molluscum Contagiosum, and now has butt blisters from the treatment (which are healing fast – YAY!) and due to the butt blisters, finally was persuaded to do potty training.  Little more than a month until he’s 4 and FINALLY is potty training.

Third trip in 6 weeks to the ER (#1 – me, flu, #2 – oldest, post-op removal of “wound stuffing”, #3… see following).  Oldest had an incident involving a sleeping bag, chair and his arm.  Might have been broken, so there we went – once more to the ER.  Arm was not broken (YAYx3!).

I had my first professional presentation to do on the 4th of March.  Did it, but fell down in front of everyone first.  Giant bruise on my leg and a sore back/knee for a few days.  Humiliation – score 1, Presentation – score 1.  Yay me.

Today was a test in my class which I was ill-prepared for and earlier in the day it was my weekly homework.  I’ve been spending most of my time doing potty training, work, housework, anything except school.  It’s showing.

And that’s why I haven’t been writing.  It’s just not on the radar.  Too much to do all the time.  One more year of school, then I’m done.  I’m certain something else will fill whatever small void it leaves.  Oy.

going to sit here and stare at the tv for a bit.  Then it’s back to shower and all the other stuff filling the day, each day.

moonfire signing off as totally wiped out

oh hell, you’ve got to be kidding

It started out as a normal week in our household.  I helped Todd work on something for his financial aid and it took some work, but it came out well in the end.  This meant help for us at a time when we really needed it.

Our youngest has been dealing with a really nasty cough.  It’s viral pneumonia.  He seems to be recovering in a decent way, so I’m feeling a bit more mellow about that situation – even though night time stinks for him.

Our oldest had a nasty looking lump on his head.  A visit to the pediatrician’s office for both boys resulted in a referral to a pediatric surgeon for the lump.  The surgeon then indicated it had to be under general anesthesia so he could ensure that all the infection was removed.  That went well and then he talked to us about the likelihood it’s MRSA – which we’ll find out tomorrow (Sunday).  The oral suspension antibiotic is truly the most nasty stuff – Bren gagged it up this morning – so I’m off to get chocolate syrup to mix in it.  He has to take it 3 times per day for a week and it’s pretty much a totally miserable experience for him.  Cross fingers on the chocolate syrup.

But here’s the bad news – my little guy has these bump things on his bottom and I’m 99% sure it’s the same infection my oldest has.  So now I have to get him back into the pediatrician’s office and likely little dude will need to go on the same nasty stuff.

I wonder if I can buy chocolate syrup in gallon drums?

I’m feeling pretty awful myself – not sure if it’s just the stress catching up with me or if I’ve got a bug myself.  No idea… not sure if I really care at this point.

I’ve got studying and homework to do and frankly, I feel like I’ve kind of hit the wall.  I need to exit my brain for a little bit and let some of it go.  Easier said than done, isn’t it?

wiped out….  moonfire

Bus = less stress

I’ll admit it’s premature to make an assessment, but I love riding the bus.  I get to work less stressed and I get home at the end of the day less stressed.

We’re saving money and we’re planning to sell the second car, if it becomes possible.  Riding for free is a benefit provided to faculty, staff and students at our university.  I’ve never used it before and now I’m thinking I was incredibly silly to not go for it.  Hindsight and all that stuff…

Anyway, I’m wondering if this won’t help me deal.  It forces a time-frame to each day, due to the bus schedule.  It gives me time to myself, in a daily grind where it’s difficult to find some “me” time.  And there is a camaraderie for bus riders that is really humorous.  I simply like it.  How funny to discover the icing on this particular cake!

Well, that’s all the time I have.  I have thread postings and two small children to get ready for bed.  We have a new respiratory bug that has descended on the small dude and it’s creeping over the rest of us too.   I just want to ask fate, “Really?  Why are you beating up on us, yet again??”  This sucks.  Yes, I know we have depressed immune systems from the Great Mahoney Influenza Epidemic of February 2011, but this is ridiculous.

Sleepy time.  Cheers and wishing good health – moonfire

where you belong

Still not full of answers here.  Maybe that’s the point – we’re not supposed to have the answers.  So the guilt set in.  It’s the guilt that we’re short-staffed, beaten down and tired, and here I am traitorously seeking alternatives.  I saw a position that I was marginally interested in.  I even went so far as updating my resume.  Then the guilt set in and I realized I just can’t do it right now.  Silly?  Yes, it’s likely that I am allowing something external to my family’s needs (my needs) to influence me.

I didn’t do the application.  I know the department…  I know the turnover they have.   I can’t do it.  Hell, I don’t really want to go for that position.  It was simply something reasonable at a the time that I needed to be looking.  That’s no better than what I’m doing now, since ultimately the same dissatisfaction would set in.

It’s funny.  In a fit that can only be called cleaning mania, I cleaned out my office – got the old crap shredded… got rid of all the grubbiness that was there when I moved in… and I organized things so I can find my paperwork.  Stress decreased, for a day or two, and then it got insane again.   It does feel better having a clean office.  Along with the cleaning, I found some voice to be able to say “no.”  Whether or not I can maintain this status is a matter for another day (especially since I once again found that the added piles of duties continued within the day of my saying “no, I’m swamped and can’t take on more”).  It counts, though.

Status check – clean office.  Minimal control of my work.  Mental distress, lower.

This past weekend I ran numbers on our financial situation.  The longer I hang in there, the better off we’ll be.  That’s the question, isn’t it?  How long can I hang in there?  Can I hang on, helping out and not ditching the team when the office is really vulnerable?  I know where I belong and it really isn’t there.  Wouldn’t it be better, at least from a karma standpoint, if I hang in a little longer?

My boss looks run ragged.  Even as I bitch and moan on here about how unhappy and stressed I am, she is buried.  She’s covering the counselor losses in two areas.  She is such a good person and she is possibly the hardest working person I’ve ever met.  I can easily say that of all the bosses I’ve worked for in my professional life, she is the one I most admire.  I am sad that I know I’m not in this for the long haul, if for no other reason than my boss is a great person – she inspires me to take one more step, handle one more thing, when I’m mostly done in.  I wish I felt differently about what I’m doing.  I wish I felt that the costs of the job were outweighed by the benefits.   Because I really hate to let my boss down.

A friend told me that we’re like dogs who need to learn to love their crates.  Maybe I’m just too much a cat rather than a dog.  I don’t want to be in a crate.  I don’t want kibble.  I want freedom and catnip, thanks much.  Don’t fence me in.

But if I choose to be on your lap and let you pet me, that’s a whole different story.

For this week I’m going to hang in there.  Next week too.  Summer and August are likely to be unbearable.  I guess this means learning how to set boundaries even more firmly before then.  I may make it another year.  I may keep the search going, guilt or no.  Where I belong depends a lot on what my family needs and how badly I feel about ditching my team.  When I reach the point that my needs outweigh the rest, where I belong will be subject to change.

signing out for bed,