Insomnia Blog 2.0

Now this is getting tedious.  Up at 3:33am this morning.  I was awake for a bit before I got up and I know I was conscious for at least 10-15 minutes.  Bah.  My biorythm is obviously off in a big way.  I guess I can view this as a positive, since it gives me some uninterrupted and free blogging time, but truly I’d prefer to be sleeping right now.

Some might have noticed that I posted the game which consisted of answering seven questions and then tagging others.  I left it up for a while, as it was fun to think of strange and little-known facts about myself, but eventually I realized that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to share some of those things.  Now this might seem ironic, given that I’m usually blatantly honest in what I write on my blogs, it’s just that I’m in a state of change right now.  This means that I’m editing myself much more heavily than I normally do, something that is definitely necessary.

But I do have something a bit more interesting to share this morning.  I’ve been invited, along with three other English graduates, to speak to my favorite professor’s senior seminar.  She’s given us two simple questions to answer about our post-BA work and plans.  I’m thrilled because I’m hoping that perhaps even just one person who was waffling on graduate school will tip over into the “Yes!” category after hearing us talk.  I know… It might not happen.  It would make my day though.

From the look of the panel she has assembled, I’d say that we are a nice diverse group.  It appears that I’m the only one who is heading off to graduate school now, but the others are doing incredible things and it looks like they are actually making USE of those English degrees.  One could say that I am as well, editing items for my department and ensuring that my boss doesn’t sound awful.  (that last is a particularly funny one… he’s an economist, not a writer… but that’s why he has me)

Truly though, I am not working in my degree area.  Sometimes that is frustrating, but my options were limited.  I don’t want to write for a publication – I think my writing skills are questionable at best.  I am dry.  I am not particularly witty.  I tend to be overly analytical and get caught up in the research, rather than the production of pages.  Worst of all, I need feedback and I love to work with other people – bouncing ideas back and forth.  Much of this is why I chose to become a librarian.  If I were more of a grammarian, I would actively and aggressively pursue a career in editing.  One of my chief loves is working with other students on their papers.  I’ll address this in my “What I want to be when I grow up” blog that is currently a saved work in progress, but my goal is to be an academic librarian.  I want to help others do the research… help bring them and the sources together.

Perhaps I’ll even get to do some freelance editing for a few undergraduates.  That would be the cream on top of the cake.

Yes, it’s with joy that I’ll be able to chat about my choice to go to school for Library and Information Science (boy! big title, eh?)…  Even more, I’m looking forward to being able to give some input on the GRE (not as bad as you’d think) and the application and interviewing process.  It’ll be brief – we only have 5 minutes for that piece, but I think I can be effective.

One last thought on that note.  I’m a ridiculously poor public speaker.  I get flushed.  I talk too fast.  Have I mentioned that I get flushed?  Not just a tinge of pink, but truly bright red – cheeks, neck…. ugh.

I have to learn though.  I’ll be doing much more of this, both in my graduate schooling and in my career.  So practice will be welcome.

That’s it.  I need to begin winding down.  Maybe I can get another hour or so of sleep before the alarm goes off.

Hope you’re sleeping snug in your beds,


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