The crew is sick

I’m down with a winter cold and so are the boys.  Looks like Todd is headed in the same direction.  It’s important to understand this because the impact hits everything in our household.  Our interactions with each other more easily drift into “testy” and less is done around the house.  The latter is significant because we are still sort of moving in.  I know that technically we moved the day before Thanksgiving, but school, work, the holidays, and two small children effectively destroyed our ability to get totally settled.

But that’s just the beginning of the issues.  Really, the bigger one is the lack of space and storage.  And the only reason the lack of space is critical is because we’ve accumulated too much “stuff” over the course of the years we’ve been together.  Nobody needs this much.  I’m serious.

So why is this coming up when we are sick?  Well, for starters I should be sleeping so I can get over this bug – so I can have the energy to get things sorted, discarded, donated, sold or put away – so I can have a clean house – so the germs won’t continue to accumulate – so I can stay healthy – so I can rest when I get home and so the kids will stay healthy as well.  There’s this snowballing pattern to it all.

Instead, I’m sitting up because the drainage (don’t need to list details, we all know what I mean…) is making me sick to my stomach.  When I lie down, I feel hot and that rolling, queasy feeling that signals an impending run to the bathroom.  If I sit up, drinking a bit of soda (which I hate intensely, but that’s a topic for another blog) to ease my tummy, I seem to be fine.  The only issue is that I can’t sleep sitting up out here.

Choice then:  try to sleep and risk the evacuation of my stomach or stay sitting up, blogging, to pass the time until things settle, but ultimately get more tired and possibly prolong said illness.

Damned if I do, damned if I do something else.

Options?  Well, we have the wonderful new chairs.  Rocker/recliners that are big, squishy club chairs.  I may end up snoozing there.  It beats the hell out of being flat.  And it’s colder down here in the living room.

I might do it, even though bed sounds so much better.

Oh.  There was a point to this though…  With all of us sick, the likelihood of my finding interesting blog topics floating around in my brain has descended to odds approaching zero.  I have a hard time conversing on any topic right now, let alone something requiring true creative thought.

And on that note, I believe there is a chair calling my name.  Either that or the hard, white goddess is getting tribute.  We’ll see who wins.

Stay healthy,


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