I’m sick. What kind of joke is this??

I cannot believe this.  I’m sick.  Brennan’s kid’s party is Saturday.  I cannot – I cannot x100 billion – be sick.

It’s a respiratory bug… some cold thing.  I’m coughing and my voice is going.  I really want to yell at someone.  Ugh…  I felt it coming on this evening, at around 5pm.  I hate it when you can feel it coming on.  It is even worse than having it just show up.

It’s amazing to me how being sick like this can reduce a person to a 3 year old.  Bah.  I was sick two weeks ago, but it was strange and it made me a bit freakish about things.  This one is different… this is “commercial sick.”  You know what I mean?  Those commercials for Nyquil, etc.?  In them someone moans and whines about being sick and how awful they feel – then they take the medicine and everything is all perfect.

I’m the whiner.

This stupid cough sucks.  The sore throat, the post-nasal drip, and the choking feeling – that all sucks.


Wake me when it’s over.


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