This is about the coolest thing I’ve read

In a sea of news about companies and the executive level at those companies doing crappy things, this article blew my mind.  I highly doubt we’ll see more articles like this, but I have to say this:  that is a pretty amazing thing those owners did for their employees.

You know what I’d love to see?  That CEO who worked at WAMU for a total of 3 weeks take the $18 million he earned and do something like this with it… or divide it up between the various foodbanks in the WAMU area… or something equally impactful.

How about the big three automakers’ CEO’s sell their private jets and do something important for their companies (and by association all the people who work for them)?

Yeah.  Just like my fairy godmother will show up and clean my house.

You know what has been hard this year?  Normally, we are able to donate to the foodbank and we do good sized donations to Salvation Army plus a couple other charities.  Normally, we work with our departments to help out a holiday family.

This year I told Todd’s mom that we won’t be able to do much for Christmas as we’re just trying to keep our food budget going.  I’ll admit it – I charged a little bit to take care of presents for the kids – something from mum & dad and the “Santa” presents.  I figure the money from tutoring will pay that back.

I know that there are people out there who don’t even have those options.  We are doing really, really well and we have the help of our families.  How many out there don’t even have that?

I really hope next year we’ll be in a better position and will be able to return to our charitable giving.  That was always one of the things I liked about the holiday season….

Anyway.  Excellent article and I think those owners deserve a huge, nationwide round of applause for doing something decent.



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