Nasal rinse kit = holiday saver!

Took a Mucinex before bed.  It helped enough that I was able to sleep.  Actually, I half expected that it’d keep me up, but no – I did actually sleep….  when I wasn’t shivering in misery.

So early am, Todd took care of MD and it woke me up enough that I decided to get agressive with this bug.  I got out the nasal rinse kit.  If you’re squeamish, leave now, trust me on this…

I thought I might be a bit too plugged up to use it, but no – it worked perfectly.  It evacuated the rainbow colors from inside my head and now I’m feeling almost able to attend the festivities out at my MIL’s house today.  I really don’t want to miss the holiday feast and Bren’s family birthday celebration.  At the same time, wouldn’t it be crappy for me to go out there and give the gift of this vicious bug?

I have this really good bio-immune support stuff I got from a naturopath last year and I started in on that at 6:30am.  In another 20 minutes I’m taking 2 more, per the instructions…  I’m supposed to do this for four hours.  I’m drinking hot, lemon blossom herbal tea and I’m prepared to do another sinus rinse at 1pm, before we leave… I promise to not hug anyone and to keep my germs to myself…  does this sound like enough?

I will be SO bummed if I miss it.

Here’s the even worse part – I sent Brennan to school all week with this same crud. From the outside you just can’t tell how bad it is and now that I know how it feels, I feel like the worst mom ever for sending him to school – PLUS how many kids did we infect??!

I think I’ll call my dear MIL later this morning and explain the situation.  I need an outside, more objective opinion on whether or not I should go.  On the plus side, I’ll get lots of rest tonight so I can do the shopping with mum tomorrow morning.  Presuming of course, that I kick this thing in the ass.

I just realized something…  Todd’s aunt and gramma are going to be there.  How are they going to fit the kids staying overnight too?  I think we’d better have a chat.  I don’t want to completely burden my MIL.

All right.  I haven’t said it yet and I need to do my little list.  Happy Thanksgiving!  What am I thankful for?  Let’s see…

I’m thankful for my family –

-our warm home

-having a job

-having food in the cupboard

-our dog, sweet guy that he is

-this comfy chair that is keeping me upright

-my brain AND my heart

-my mum and her love

-my in-laws and their huge capacity for caring

-my honey and his humor, his legs, and his sexy voice (I could go on, but I’ll keep the rest to myself)

-my friends and their patience with our very busy life

and right now, at this moment, that nasal rinse kit!  It may be small, but it’s like the Delta Force against germs.

I’d like to snooze a bit and I have to stay upright so I can encourage proper, dare I say it? – yep, I’m saying it – drainage.  Ugh.  I plan that this will be the shortest live bug ever.  I plan to enjoy our family’s company – germs willing – and I plan to not let this get me down.

Have a very, very happy holiday – be safe – enjoy the company of family and friends,


One thought on “Nasal rinse kit = holiday saver!

  1. I hope you got well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, you were in the right spirit of things… I think after the tough financial situations we’ve faced this year, I am even more in the spirit than usual. I’m thankful for such mundane things – things I took for granted – like clean drinking water and a warm coat. I never had them taken away from me, but just the thought of not having them and the awareness of those who lost their homes and jobs this year gave me a renewed sense of gratitude.

    We also have a nasal irrigation system (if that’s a proper term? Irrigation – sounds like we’re water crops?)… My husband uses it daily because he’s a welder. He gets a lot of nasty stuff up in there. I use it only when I’m sick – like I was last week. I also thought I was too stuffed to make use of it, but it cleared everything right out. I also drank quite a bit of honey, lemon tea.

    Anyway, our Thanksgiving went well – hope yours did, too.

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