saw the doc, it’s bronchitis

It’s official… I’ve got bronchitis.  The upside is that I know what it is.  The downside is I can’t talk.  Whoa.  That is NOT good.  I’m a talker.

Anyway.  I’m tired…  I can’t talk… The baby needs me.  So mom keeps on truckin’.  The bug is about to be dosed with antibiotics and Veramyst.  yay me.


2 thoughts on “saw the doc, it’s bronchitis

  1. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the air passages within the lungs. Infection usually causes acute bronchitis and it can either be viral or bacterial. Usually signs and symptoms of diseases is enough to seek the help of a doctor. This way, you can prevent complications and be able to treat the disease at an early stage. Look for a reputable and experienced doctor to get the proper diagnosis. Visit the site to know more click here to read on Bronchitis

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