Attention span of a flea

Second to last class of my degree and I have the attention span of a flea.  No exaggeration.  I’ve developed a new appreciation for my flannel jammies, even while my text book sits on my beside desk, collecting dust. 

I’ll address the issue this afternoon, but for now Daniel Craig as James Bond beckons.  Damn.  He does make a fantastic James Bond… very in line with the books, although it has been better than 20 years since I last read them, so my memory may be more than a bit fuzzy.

As a family we’re currently going through a period that requires patience.  I wonder if there is a way to “earn” it or learn it.  So far, I’m not doing all that well.  My brain wants to organize things – plan ahead – but there are too many unknowns, so I’m left in a loop of what ifs.  Frustrating!

It seems to be better during the week, mostly because I’m so busy that my mind is distracted.

Well, that is the extent of my attention-span for writing today.  Each day is one more checked off towards the end of my degree.  I’m going to dance like crazy the day that it is done.



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