Itty bitty patience

In my next life I will hope for patience.

Of course, with my interesting luck I’ll end up being a sea turtle.

The boys are tucked into bed.  My honey is studying and I have just finished my thread postings for the evening.  I’m finding that I have the art of procrastination finely honed at this point.  I’m able to take a perfectly decent extra day off and completely fritter it away.

I am to the point now where I look at my textbook and immediately have the visceral response one might experience with a large spider or a surprise visit from a snake.  I want to smack it with a boot or run away.  The jury’s still out on what the decision might be.

In order to pull myself out of this response cycle, I’m thinking about buying a bag of chocolates and each time I read a page I can have one.  I figure it worked with Hot Wheels and potty training for my youngest, so maybe it’ll work with me too.

Yes.  It’s time to graduate, otherwise I might end up with a box or two of donuts.



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