Call me crazy

Tuesday of next week I am embarking on a new adventure in a familiar environment.  I already know that I’m going to get a raft of pokes over this one, but it just felt like the right thing to do.

I am starting a second bachelor’s degree.  My major?  Sociology.

Let me explain (before you start running around, raging “is she nuts??”)…  I work at a university where all staff and spouses get a fee waiver.  It’s $20 per semester, plus $5 per credit hour.  Books, obviously, are a separate cost.

if I don’t pursue something that is of interest to me while I have access to this waiver, I am leaving money on the table.  I’m totally aware that there is a time “cost” but I am totally willing to offset that cost with letting go of frivolous reading.  No, I won’t give up time with my munchkins, only books.  And we can add video games to that category, too, as I’ve been wasting some time in civilization building adventures of the purely digital type.

Among the criteria I had for the new bach program?  High level of interest and curiosity, opportunity for area of research, if I later choose to pursue that notion, ability to complete it while working full-time (ie, no 3 hour labs in the middle of the work day), and NOT related to building skills for a job.  I’m doing this for the intellectual tastiness of the field and subject matter.

Just prior to beginning the classes for my intended second graduate degree, I was overcome with doubts and anxiety.  I knew, on a deeply intuitive level, that I was heading in a direction that might seem practical but did nothing for my spirit.  I could feel the impending pressure of it – the financial obligation… the time suck it could become… the price my kids would pay.

This is completely different.  My obligation doesn’t have to extend beyond the end of the spring semester, if I determine that’s how it has to be.  Financially it’s a small blip – less than the cost to take the family out to the movies on a Saturday.  Time-wise, I can substitute some of the things that are completely frivolous for my reading and assignments.  Really?  It’s a 100 level class.  I’ve read the first few chapters of the textbook for the course and it’s accessible, with interesting anecdotes.  it’s not painful reading.  I can’t imagine what she’ll request for additional readings, but I bet that they will be interesting.

I’m thinking this is enough for this posting.  I’ll have more to say once I start into the meat of the class, or at least read the syllabus.  🙂


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