Herbs and Baking Therapy

I’m trying Holy Basil and Ashwagandha.  Both are supposed to provide nervous system support.  I’d have to say that they are working and helping with my attitude about things since I went on a cooking rampage and some “baking therapy”.

Oldest son and I made ground beef and veggie soup in a beef both base.  We also made apple cake with some healthy modifications and he assisted with putting together the ingredients for caramel.  Sadly, on the last one, I did not get the heat high enough, so I ended up with caramels that are way too soft.  They are still delicious, however, so all was not lost.

The soup was good yesterday but today it was amazing and now it is all gone.  I take that as a good sign, since it didn’t languish in the fridge until it was a science experiment.

Side note:  does anyone else notice that WP now has glitches and lags?  Ugh.  This interface stinks, but I don’t want to go to all the hassle of switching.  And no, I don’t compose in Word and bring it over.  I should though.  I will lose all these postings some day and that’s a sad thought.

Anyway, the herbs appear to be working.  I’m hopefully because modern pharmacology is a nightmare.  Antidepressants are too much for me (and this leads doc to presume that is an affirmative for diagnosis of bipolar… um, perhaps it’s because I have sleep disruption and it is simply not tolerated??).

But the herbs seem to give me the relaxation that I need.  My honey mentioned a certain non-legal herb that would help better if it were legal (ie, if it was prescribed as medicinal here) and yes, that would certainly be nice but I don’t need to be non-functioning on top of everything else!  So I’m working out my groove.  And on that note, it’s time for herbs, sleeping pill and bed.  (and yes, I’m watching closely for interactions and side effects).



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