Incremental Progress

Almost everything is out of the rental.  Perhaps 2 vanloads remain in the garage and the cleaning supplies/vacuum cleaners are still over there.  I’ll go in the morning and finish up some detailing that I feel compelled to do, then I’ll be done with my portion.  My honey will get the two vanloads over here and then he’ll be done, except for the walk-through with the property management company.  It will be the end of our fairly transient lives as renters and will also put a period on a time in our lives that was stressful.  I can’t say that I’ll be sad to see the end of that “epoch.”  (And yes, that’s what it felt like.)

We are a long, long way from being settled in to our home.  I can’t put things away if I don’t have a place to put them and living out of boxes and bins is not an option for me.  The hard part is finding a way to create the level of organization we need on what is smaller than a shoe-string budget.  We’re more like on a “lint” budget.

I’m going to make a list of things we need and then my honey and I need to sit down and figure out what we’ll do.  Things we have to consider include:  How much do we invest in our home and what do we sacrifice to do it?  What is absolutely necessary and what can wait 1, 2 or more years?

Something else to think about:  What can we get rid of or live without so that our needs aren’t so great?  I love getting rid of things.  It’s incredibly freeing.  The difficult part is getting everyone else in the family to buy in to it and participate in getting rid of things.

Well, I’m tired and I want to relax before the next round of cleaning and unpacking.  Cheers to all on this summer evening.



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