Wicked happy!

We got the clear to close today!  The file went to underwriting on Monday morning.  Typically the underwriter would come back with conditions, which would have to be provided and reviewed before the clear to close would come but we had such a clear file we got the clear to close on the first try!!! 

I just about hyperventilated at work when I got the news.  This is huge!  So instead of worrying that we wouldn’t make it for the 6/29 closing date, we’re closing two days early on 6/27.  I cannot begin to express how happy I am right now.  I’ve worked really hard the last 4 months, paying down debt, consolidating my student loans and my credit card debt, and getting the Income-Based Repayment set up.  Half the time I was taking actions based on the blind faith that all of it would come together, which it did.

The hardest part was the worry that it wouldn’t be enough.  I achieved the credit scores and had to ask both my honey’s parents and my mum for help to bridge the numbers needed for the earnest money and the reserves.  In the end, it was a team effort with all of us – our real estate agent, our loan officer, my mum, and my honey’s parents working with me to get through it.

The smile on my honey’s face was totally worth it!  He will have a quiet office for studying, music, and his development work.  No more trying to keep the kids out of his hair while he’s working on his math studies!

My boys will get to pick out their rooms and I will get the remaining room for my office/studio. 

There’s a lot of work to be done.  We have packing and cleaning here, plus utilities, pest treatment and weed-wacking at the new place.  We have over a month to do the move, though, and that is a relief compared to prior years’ frantic moves.  I want as much of our security/cleaning deposit back as is reasonably possible.  Between the deposit return and the amount we’ll get back at closing, we’ll have the new fridge and window coverings taken care of… maybe even the moving truck. 

Boy.  I really cannot believe how this has all gone through so well.  We did the house showing on Mother’s Day.  What a lovely present!

Time for winding down and prep for bed.  I need lots of rest to make it through the next two days of work.  This weekend is going to be big for packing and cleaning.  My honey is giving our notice to our property management company tomorrow.  That is the best possible news of all!!



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