This will feel good

Things are progressing on the mortgage loan process.  I had to do an online home buyer’s class tonight – 2 hours, 7 quizzes.  It was very reinforcing about all of the steps I’ve taken the last 4-5 months to improve our financial picture.  I needed the reinforcement because it looked like the loan approval might fall through due to my stupid graduate school reporting me as still attending when I actually graduated 2 months ago.  Even with the “ghost” payment for the one loan that didn’t make it into my consolidation (and hence, my IBR), I’m still coming up as an “approve” in the FNMA automated underwriting system.  On paper I look perfect – prime scores, DTI meeting the requirements, and solid employment history – but the loan officer kept warning me that it’s a tougher risk model and even those who look good on paper sometimes don’t come through as approved.

I was suitably worried.

Anyway, tonight I sat down with an amortization schedule for my debt consolidation loan that is really making all of this possible.  First year I’ll see over $4000 in debt retired.  Second year, even more.  That will feel SO good!  I’ve done this before, many years ago, when I was in my 20’s and I was successful with it.  Now, you might ask – well, moonfire, why did you get in debt again 20 years later?  Very good question and I can answer – 2 of us in school, with 2 young children (lots of convenience foods – expensive) AND one under-employed/underpaid and one of us either working PT or not at all due to school load.

We were fine for our regular budget.  It was the unexpected things that took a toll…  and medical… and (frankly) some poor decisions that we made for the right reasons, but had bad consequences.

Now here we are: I’ve got the dream job and a salary that reflects my abilities and provides for my family’s needs.  My honey is heading back to school after a break looking for a job that never materialized.

And I’m done with school.

Oh yeah… feel that happy glow!

Things still aren’t all peaches and happiness.  My honey is in school, so that’s a given.  Even more, we still need to retire a huge chunk of debt so we’ll see more and more breathing space in our budget.  I’ve decided that we’ll put any tax refund this next year into savings for our emergency fund AND I’m going to add to it each pay day, even if it’s a minimal amount.

2011 was a time of change.  2012 is a time of accomplishment.  2013 should be a time of peace.

That’s my hope anyway.



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