Ahhhh, sleep…

Got home from work last night and I was totally wiped out.  My sleep has been spotty and poor for months, even when I was sick, so I think I just finally hit the wall last night.  My honey and the boys were off to an overnight camping trip with grandpa, leaving me with a quiet house.  I ate a tiny bit of dinner, fumed over the once again unhelpful and error-containing final 3rd grade report card for my oldest and then finally decided to do the one thing I wanted more than anything – early to bed.

I took my sleeping pills at 6:30 and was out completely by 7pm.  When I had my usual middle of the night wake-up call (thank you small bladder), it was 3am!  I got 8 hours of sleep!!!

I puttered on the computer for about an hour, drank some juice, and then slept on and off until 8am.  What bliss!!  Thank you Father and Son camping trip for making this sleep catch-up possible.  I’ve been puttering about on the computer for a bit this morning – quietly uninterrupted – and now it’s time for a shower so I can get moving for the day.  Today is a Mie Mie kids day and I want the house tidied up as much as possible.

I could write more I suppose, but I’m getting that antsy feeling that indicates it’s time to get moving.  I’m sure I’ll have better things to update later.  I will add one note:  When we’re in the bigger house with adequate storage I’m going to make home-made laundry soap.  I’ve been reading some blogs that use it and I’m really tired of how much laundry soap costs.  If I could cut another $10 per month off our budget, I’d be a really happy woman.  I’ll also be switching over to my gramma’s cleaning solution – vinegar and water in a spritz bottle.  One blogger suggested adding a tiny bit of lavender essential oil to improve the odor.  I’ll have to do some investigating about that.  I like Meyer’s cleaners – especially the lemon verbena and the basil.  It doesn’t look like you can get the grapefruit kind anymore (which I totally loved).  Since we’ll eventually be growing some of our own herbs, I wonder how hard it is to make essential oils?

Hmmm… house that is clean and smells like an herb garden?  That sounds lovely!

Ok.  Shower time.  Then cleaning and picking up the kid-crew.  And packing.  oy.  I hate packing and unpacking.  If all goes well with the purchase of this home, it will be a long, long, long time until I have to do that again!  Oh.  One more thing.  Credit scores are up to the point where we qualify for the down payment assistance program.  So no matter what, we’re good to go with the house!  AND just in case this one falls through, I did find an alternate that could work… not as well of course, but it’s not a totally miserable second option.  🙂

moonfire heading off into the wilds of packing, cleaning and kid-entertainment


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