Patience? No.

So today has been one for the “good news” category.  My credit score has risen to the point where I’m good for the down payment assistance program that we’ll be using for the home purchase.  That’s one more worry that is biting the dust.  Now it’s a matter of waiting out the rest of my paid off credit accounts to report so the last of my credit score bumps will happen and I can finally move into the final “house buying” phase that is the mortgage underwriting process.  If all goes extremely well, that credit reporting period will be done in three weeks.

Three long weeks.  Three really long weeks.

I don’t have any regrets about jumping on the house we’re buying, but this wait is making me almost nuts.  I want to know that the 4.0% rate lock won’t expire… I want to know that the appraisal will come in at a comfortable level…  I want to know that I made it through qualification for the financing program that has the rate locked.

Hell.  I just want to know that all I have left to do is wait for the processing to finish up so we can get the clear to close and know that it’s all really happening.

I’ve looked at the alternatives on the market and the next best house is $20,000 more expensive than the one we’re buying.  That is HUGE.  And risky.  And I don’t agree that the offered price is right.  Even worse, it’s a poor second in terms of size and layout.  Location is wonderful – better than the one we’re buying and the location we’re buying in has its own perks, so no regrets there.  I’m just not seeing anything else that compares with the one we’ve got under contract and that means my desire to see this all go smoothly is cranked up.

I always get nervous when I want something too much.  It’s like I’m taunting the fates and just begging for something to go wrong.

On the flip-side, I have an intense sense of satisfaction over the fact that the one score I know will be used for the mortgage process has already gone up 61 points since February 1st.  If all goes as expected, I should see a minimum of another 20 point increase and may even see more than that.  It’s very satisfying and is actually providing a bit of something to keep me occupied while I go through the waiting for each score to update.  I’m tracking it in a spreadsheet with (I’m not kidding) a graph. 

And yes, this would be me and my need to measure things at work.  I’m testing out the MyFICO score simulator to see how accurately it’s projecting the changes.  So far it’s been dead on. 

It does make me wonder what I’ll be on to measuring after the whole house thing is resolved?  I suppose it might be time to address my weight.  Again. 

Well, that’s it for now.  I think it’s time for sleep and recovery from my bowling attempt tonight.  That’s a whole ‘nother sad tale.




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