I don’t want to make toast at 4:30 in the morning, but I got up, coughed a ton more crap out of my lungs, now I’m feeling really queasy.  At least my chest is loosening up quite a bit.  I’m betting I’ll go see my doctor this morning and I’ll be on the path to recovery, so it’ll be a small visit.  Not sure though.  I’m fine if I hold still, don’t talk, and don’t get tense for any reason. 

Headache and now I’ve got a really runny nose.  Good times.  No wonder my husband is staying outside of “germ radius”. 

I got the list of initial items needed for the mortgage application.  Piece of cake stuff.  I can do most of it during the day, while I’m sitting in bed drinking my hot tea with honey (best thing for cough).  The tough part is sitting back, waiting for things to finish up with my credit report.  Much like boiling water or waiting for plants to grow, watching for your statements to cut and balances to update is a slow process.  I’m ridiculously impatient, so this has been especially bad for me.

My honey is in full on packing mode now.  I want to join in, but I’ve already learned that is a major no-no.  If I want to recover and get back on my feet for work (and family), I’ve got to keep my ass in bed.

On a side note, I had a dream I was back in school.  No, this wasn’t one of those “Oh my god, I’ve got 10 assignments due, a test, and I haven’t been going to class!”  It was an “ahhhh, that feels good,” kind of dream and that’s even more worrisome.  Can I really have forgotten what it was like just a month ago?  I don’t think I even got over childbirth that quickly!

I really don’t miss it.  Hell, I don’t really feel like I’ve graduated yet.  Lack of ceremonial tradition?  Lack of diploma in my hand?  Not sure.

Well, the Tums I took seems to be working well.  I’m going to sip juice and go back to sleep.  I’m off work today and tomorrow… Friday is up in the air.  I want to get back and take of things, but I don’t want this bug to linger.  Yesterday I was coughing so violently, I pulled a muscle in my abdomen.  Now THAT hurt.

signing out,

moonfire of the hacking lung


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