early morning free time

I was awake at my usual early hour (before 5am) and tried to go back to sleep, but too many things – both work and financial – batting around in my head.  So here I am, having eaten some oatmeal and enjoying a cup of tea as the sprinklers take care of the yard.  I’m still tired, which means I’ll likely pay the price for this early morning at about noon.  That’ll ensure a long, slow afternoon with mental struggles if I don’t plan now and I’m pondering what I can do to lift the fuzzy-headedness that is starting up even as I type this up.

Could I take a chance and head back to bed for an hour?  No, that won’t be enough to sustain me.  Drink some water?  It’ll help, but will it offset this enough?  Caffeine?  I haven’t noticed it helping this last couple of weeks.

Maybe I’ll just hop in the shower, get my gear together and head over early.  This won’t make any difference, as I’ll have to work through to the end of the day regardless, but maybe it will build in enough flex-time to allow for a midday walk and some slow-moving brain.

The sprinklers have stopped now and I’m guessing that should be my cue to get going.  I feel no sense of electric motivation today, only a sludgy brain and a slow-motion body.



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