tired… and sick… and tired

22 days.  That’s how long I have left.  And here it is that I’ve caught a crappy virus and now my household is dropping like flies too. 

Even more, my team for the class are all experiencing massive school burn-out (me included), so our motivation has suddenly gone pfft.

Work would be good if I were there, but not only have I been laid low by this bug, it got all the professional staff in our department except the new research prof.  Joy.  Now I’m behind at work AND I’ve got to play catch-up on my class project.  Kind of a case of everything that could go wrong, did.

My oldest is supposed to be heading off with gramma for an adventure.  He’s got high temps and vomiting, so it’s presently on hold until he is more healthy.  This leaves me feeling conflicted because he is very unhappy about the wait, yet I don’t want him out of the nest, especially when he’s so sick.

Now 22 days is best case at this point and may not happen on the money if we’re not ready, but I’m feeling pretty darned motivated to be ready because I so badly want this torment over.  It’s been a long 3 years for me and my family.  I’m grumpy, exhausted, stressed and really just at the end of my academic juices right now.  I know that 22 days will evaporate quickly, still it stinks to be sitting on this end and looking out at those days. 

Tomorrow, hell or high water, I’m heading back to work.  I’ve got the nasal steroids, the antibiotics, and I’ve been resting.  So the day better not wrestle me to the ground because I’m just about out of patience.

I’m sending this wish out into the ether as I’m hanging on by a thread right now:  Please help me have the patience and strength to get through this. 

Thanks and goodnight,


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