Round 2 and then?

Initial bloodwork came back at outer fringes of normal range, so it’s on to round 2 and a trip to GYN office to discuss freakish hormones.  I was smart in the past and got a copy of my full medical record from them, so I was able to review my hormone levels before.  I have a better idea of why my then gyn (that I loved) diagnosed hypothyroid.  Based on the numbers, I’m surprised that they didn’t diagnose PCOS then.  LH/FSH haven’t been tested since that time and I’m curious about why. 

I’m also looking at the possibility of a consult with an endocrinologist.  I want to be sure about what is going on before just jumping into treatment.  I know it is pessimistic, but my suspicion is that I’m still not going to be heard on Wed when I see my nurse practitioner at the gyn office. 

At the very least, kidney function is coming up as good.  That is one worry that I really didn’t need. 

Face and eyes are still puffy, but not as bad.  My cycle is messed up and I feel like hell.  Finally bit the dust the afternoon and had to lie down.  I was wiped out, which appears to be par for the course. 

Here’s the dilemma:  My frustration level is rising and I sense more and more that I’m not going to be heard.  I suspect that they will pawn it off on depression, however, and this is key, I haven’t been having problems with depression.  Frustration… stress…  horrible fatigue… weight gain… acne… weird hair growth… and a host of other physiological symptoms, but my mood is mostly tied to the frustration and fatigue, rather than random mood swings.  I feel crappy and I can feel that something isn’t right with my body, but this is not depression taking its toll.

The big question here is if anyone will listen to me.  This is where I get pessimistic.  We seem to be a culture of easy answers.  I got a few tests done last week and when I didn’t fall within those categories, nothing further was done.  I simply don’t understand that attitude.  If you’ve ruled out some obvious issues and haven’t determined what is going on, you simply fold?  The last big time that was done I had carbon monoxide poisoning for two winter seasons in a row.  By the middle of the second year I was really sick.  To the first doctor that I saw who walked in the room, said my labs were all normal, then turned around and walked out me:  You’re an asshat.

I fired a doctor about 8 years ago because she let her personal experience with bipolar interfere with my health care. 

I’m considering bagging it with my current doctor’s office and going with the doctor my mum sees.  At least then she’ll have a point of reference with my family history.

I don’t want this to be about pills or not taking responsibility for my poor lifestyle as I finish up school.  It’s about pinning down, within reason, what is making me feel so bad and helping me to manage it properly.  There is no magic pill that will make me feel better, at the same time a little acknowledgement that frequent peeing, puffiness, weight gain, and the rest of the laundry list (including extreme fatigue and high levels of stress for a prolonged period of years) can be causes/indicative of something going on.  I used to be a cheerful, active person.  Now I’m worn out and I look like a sausage with tiny arms and legs.  My physical pain levels are ridiculous.  It’s just not right to feel like this.

We’ll see how this week goes.  I’m looking for books on food allergies, diets to support endocrine and gland function, over-coming fatigue to increase activity levels.  The medical community may not be able to help, but perhaps I can take steps on my own.

moonfire (groggy and sore)



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