I’m going to be pissed off…

…if I find out that medication that was supposed to “Help” me last year (and all those years ago) actually caused some real damage.

I know.  They put warnings on those bottles and prescriptions for a reason.  But how many of us sit down and weigh out the risks, then determine that we’d be better off trying to fix Problem A than just sitting back? 

Well, as it turns out “Problem A” may not even be the problem and the physiological outcome of the medicine for it may be a pretty big problem by itself.  Yeah.  It makes me tired to think about it too. 

In the end though, it may not matter.  What’s done is done.  Either I’ll have to deal with this new adventure or it’s some other freaky thing making me moon-faced and pee all the time.  I’ve had it pointed out that the puffy face got rid of the wrinkles, so we’ll look at that one as a silver-lining kind of thing (although I still think the wrinkles give my face much needed character).  The frequent peeing is about to make me lose my mind.  Today I went 4 times in one hour and no, it was NOT the “oh, la… I think I need to pee.”  It was, “Holy crap, I just freaking went and now I have to jog for the bathroom AGAIN!”

Yeah.  Good times.  Got to the point where I was afraid to drink things because I didn’t know what was going to happen.  My favorite part was at the doctor’s office… “so do you think you can give a urine sample?”  …  Um.  Yeah.  How many do you need?

Feeling like total crap.  Up and down all night.  No.  I didn’t come in about a stomach ache… I came in because I’m peeing way, way out of line with the amount of fluids I’m taking in and my damn face looks  like Sponge Bob’s mom.  And my damn boots are tight and it’s uncomfortable to walk.

Phwew.  Feels good to get that out there.  I like my nurse practioner.  I’ve actually known her since I was about 14, with a good 20 year break in the middle.  I just don’t want to have them come back with the test results and say, “all your test results are normal… we don’t know what it is.”  Sorry, this is not normal.  And no, I have not been peeing this much all my life.  This is a new adventure that started last summer when I started on the Lithium and went toxic.  Yay me.

Even better to subsequently have someone finally figure things out and help me deal with things in a non-medicated manner. 

I’d really like my face back.  And my bladder.  And some sleep.




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