tired and impatient

These are the two best words to describe me these days.  I’ve been averaging 6 hours of “sleep” per night and it’s beginning to take a toll on me.  CPAP hasn’t been going well.  It disturbs my sleep more than anything, so I’m going to give it another try when I’m done with school.  Perhaps if I’m not so worried all the time, I can give it a shot.

We’re working on the mortgage prep process.  This means dealing with the federal government to get my student loans consolidated and put into the IBR repayment program.  Then it’s a bit of debt restructuring and then application (again) for a mortgage.  Then (sigh) we can look for a house.

I’d be impatient with the “search for a house” portion of the process except the market is woefully barren right now.  What I AM impatient with is the waiting to get official word that my student loans are consolidated and what my IBR payment will be so I can give the documentation to the loan officer.  Waiting out the glacially slow federal processing is like putting a pot on the stove and expecting the air to boil the water.  Ok, so maybe the feds will actually get the job done, but during the process it feels just that painful.

Maybe after all the waiting the housing market will pick up a bit and something will show up that works for us.  That’s my hope at least.  Actually, there’s a house I’m thinking we should be interested in, but the price needs to come down about $10-20 K before it might really work for us.  Now I’ve been on the selling side, so I feel bad for feeling that way, but that’s life.  It’d be nice if that house did eventually drop in price right around the time we were actually armed with the preappvroval letter.

Jobs are also about to get really scarce again in our area.  Two big employers just announced sizable layoffs.  So all that we’re working towards for debt restructuring and mortgage shopping are with an eye to changing our monthly expenses so we can get by on my income alone.  Weird feeling setting that up and if all goes well, we’ll be good to go before the end of April at best, mid- to late- summer at worst.

Funny how buying a home is now cheaper than renting in our area.  Or sad.  It all depends on your perspective as either someone who bought at the peak of the market (circa 2007/2008) or are trying to buy now.

Well fatigue is gaining the upper hand.  It’s time to give in and hit the hay.

**Little prayer:  Grant me patience!



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