This is a wonderful insanity.

We have decided to pursue buying a home.  Now, whether or not the financial institutions we have applied to agree is a different story.  We’re in the hell that is the pre-approval process, which will then be followed by the hell that is the loan processing process (redundant??)… presuming that we get a pre-approval in the first place.

Why are we doing this?  Simply put, rates are outrageously low and prices are amazingly low.

Work is good.  School is going as well as can be expected.  So why would we go through this stress?  (see above)

The difficulty we are likely going to face, if we do get pre-approved, is that there is little to be found on the market.  It may be a long slog of looking at places and wishing that our price range was better.  I don’t know.  The wait for word from the underwriters is a misery. So all of it is relative at this point.

If the pre-approval doesn’t happen now, though, we’ve got good lenders who will advise us through the process of getting to a point where we can get the pre-approval.

We’ll see.  I’m tired and this is just the “submit lots of documents so you can find out if it might happen” phase.



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