[all said in whiny 3 year old voice]

I don’t want to be in school anymore!  I don’t want to study!

I want to play.  I want to goof off.  And yes, I’d even do housework!

[anxiety moment done, returns to normal voice]

It really is that bad.  I think I fried my “school circuits” last fall.  Now I’m simply desperate to be done.  Only 3 months to go.  Not even a full 3 months.

We’re sick right now… some kind of icky sinus virus thingy.  It’s making me have a miserable, wicked headache and dizziness (and an earache that hurts even when pressed on a pillow).  This means I have even less patience than usual with school.  Good thing I’m finishing up my degree now because I’m very close to losing my mind.

My honey needs to get a job.  Please, please, please let him find one soon so I don’t lose my mind due to that issue too.  I think I’m only allowed to lose it once.

I’d love to write something more, but I think that’s all I’ve got.  In a couple of months I might return to a more humorous tone.  For now I’m just going to continue limping along.  Somewhere in this mix I’ve got to write a final project for my capstone.  I have one thing to say:  Augh.


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