A Very Happy Halloween!

DS called during the noon hour and offered me the position. I answered yes with super enthusiasm!

He negotiated on my behalf and got me the top salary I was looking for. As of November 17th, I will finally be able to fully support my family. AND I will have a career for which I studied and obtained my MPA. Within less than 6 months I will have achieved two of my major goals – one academic and one career.

I am truly stunned. I have heard about these things happening for others and I think some part of me began to see it as myth. I can honestly say that it does happen. All those odd choices I’ve made…. All those missteps along the way…. Here I am, able to take off on this path that I wanted but thought might never really happen.

My honey and I are talking about making some changes now that this major catalyst has happened. We are fatigued with the “student lifestyle” we’ve been living, with the associated emotional, psychological, and financial pains that tag along with it.

For now, tonight, I am simply enjoying the moment. There is much that needs to be done this week – studying, housework, and spending as much time as possible with my boys. Then a week and a half of hard work wrapping up my old position before I head off to frantically reconcile the November accounts in my new position.

This next 6 weeks will fly by and then the holiday break will be here, along with the end of my double classes. I’ll likely have just a moment to stop, assess how relieved I am, then January will pop up and this bright shiny new year, 2012, will start going. I see improved mental and financial health, as well as a fresh degree and a start to my first real career.

Here’s to a very happy Halloween!



One thought on “A Very Happy Halloween!

  1. We are all so proud of you for taking the chance and going after the job. You will be a perfect fit there and it will be a place you can retire out of. Congratulations. You really deserve this.

    Love Mum

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