Zombies, kids and a family day!

Wow. It has been a great day! Bren had fun in basketball and we cheered like crazy people. Then it was his chess lesson and then downtime at home for a 1/2 day before we headed downtown to watch the zombies dancing at City Hall. We finished off with dessert for the kids and cheese for the grownups. We got home late to tuck the kids into bed and we’re all smiling, even as we’re exhausted.

It was a beautiful fall day, with a balmy evening. Aidan was a trooper and lasted through the whole thing, which is pretty darned good for a 4-year old!

All of the anxiety, stress and border-line misery of this last week evaporated on the heels of a day with my family. I thought a lot about things and I realized that it will all work out just fine. I’ve got a couple of back-up plans formulating in my mind, so I’m sure that I’ll survive whatever the decision might be. As with all things in this world, there are truly pro’s and con’s to every choice we make. The nice thing is this: I will have some sort of resolution next week. No more wondering, questioning, or worrying about outcomes.

I also get a week with my small guy and two days with my big guy. No work. Just housework, homework and fun with kids. My big honey and I might try for a little “mom and dad” time, but that might just be more fun than my system can handle at this time.

Well. I’m pooped. Time to try for sleep. Two nights in a row of really poor sleep killed me today. I’m hoping that tonight will be a nice change. We’ll see.

Here’s to family, zombies, and the end of the day…


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