me and my dog

We’re sitting here, me and my dog.  He’s an old guy, with stiff joints and the propensity to sleep for a good portion of the day.  Once in a while, though, he thinks he’s still young and plays with the kids – doing the “butt tuck run.”  He has a really good heart and his fur is still soft, even more so now that the weather is getting cooler.  I like to just sit with him next to me – not the invasive, what are you doing thing that he likes to do when I’m sitting in a “private” spot, but the gentle, hey it’s good to be hanging with you thing that comes at the end of the day.

I know that we don’t have a ton of years left and I keep hoping to ignore the signs that he’s losing the battle with age.  There’s the lightening around his muzzle and the soreness I can see in his back.   Life isn’t the greatest for him these days, with everyone so busy, coming and going.  Still, I hope he knows that he’s loved… that the pats and treats are for him.

He’s watching me right now, wishing I’d put down the laptop and give him scritches on his head.

…so I will.


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