survived night one, now the posting is up!

Made it through night one and I can fully see why there is an adjustment period.  I think I’m trying too hard… so I’ll have to relax tonight and just let things go.

Easier said, than done.  The job posting went up this evening.  If it didn’t matter quite so much to me, I wouldn’t be so hyped up right now.  A LOT is riding on this and it’s an opportunity perfectly aligned with my completed degree.  I would like to mellow out and get in the zone on prep for it, but that’s asking a bit much right now.  I’m finishing my Master’s in Public Administration, with an emphasis in government management in April 2012.  Less than 6 months, I’m done.

This is a business manager position.  Not only that, it’s with someone I know I can trust and it would lose the things I detest, while adding back in the things I truly enjoy doing.  The position offers opportunities to participate in research and analysis!

I feel like I have to pull all of these threads of energy and focus in, so I can kick ass on my two finals and prepare a resume and letter of interest that sell me in the best possible manner.

For interested parties… Yes, my head feels like it will explode.  Add in cpap and my new glasses… it’s almost too much stimulation to handle.

Luckily for me, I believe my brain enjoys this and can switch over to “Super Moonfire Mode” when it’s necessary.  So bring it on.  I’ve got a lot of hopes pinned on doing well on all of this stuff.

Time to dig in.



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