Sunday night and I’m wiped out

The research paper came out fine.  Not spectacular and not pathetic.  Just fine.

My law assignment for the week didn’t go well – and no, this isn’t like last weekend – it truly stank.  I just couldn’t take digging through case law for precedents today.  I’m not entirely clear on the best way to search for cases that would be relevant, so I did my best which was pretty awful.  But I’m ok with it.  I did, at the very least, give it a shot.  Certain types of law I jive with.  Apparently, employment law is not one of them.  I’d prefer to stick with contract language, I think.

I had to suck it up and going shopping for some shirts for work.  I hate shopping.  Nothing fits as I would prefer and the materials I’d like are beyond our budget.  I had minimal success and should be fine moving forward into the cooler weather, still I’m hopeful that perhaps I’ll regain my interest in working out and will begin the shrinking process again.  That would be lovely.

I have scads of reading to do this evening.  I’m torn between that and wanting to crawl under the covers with anything except school reading.  I’m truly ready for a break and I’ll get all of about 5-6 days off between the two sessions.  Sort of.  I’ll actually be hoping that the books for the next session show up in a timely manner, then I can start moving ahead with the reading for those two classes.  I am keeping both texts for this current session and they, along with the others I’ve collected, will help me with my final research project in March.  At least, that’s the intention.

It feels like fall outside… cold and crisp, with a slight edge of moisture.  My nose got cold while I was leaning out the backdoor calling to the dog.  Now I feel the urge for a cup of hot tea.  That’s surely a sign that autumn has settled in already.  Now I just need to be patient in my wait for the leaves to start turning.  Then it’s all good with the world.

…sigh… Heading off to read.



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