just got my butt handed to me…

Well that was bad.  My midterm for my law class went very poorly.  There were four 40-point essay questions and two 15-point short answer questions.  Two of the 40-point essay questions were related to each other and the first was rough.  I simply could not see where she wanted me to take the answer.  That is highly unusual for me, but does happen once in a while.  In most cases, I’m able to pull it through.  I really don’t think I did today.  Unfortunately, the second question was related to the first.  So blowing the first one likely crashed me on the second.

I may have just lost my solid A in the class.  And now I’m paranoid about the final.

I think I’ll take a shower and start working on my research paper.  At least I have reasonable control over that.  I hope that I’m at least going to get in B territory on that exam.  I feel like I’m completely disconnected now.  argh.


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