CPAP joy!

I had my CPAP titration sleep study last night.  I used the “nasal pillows” mask and I love it!  I’m claustrophobic, so I can’t take the face mask style… makes me really tense and slightly freaked out.  But the little pillows thing is great.  Ended up needing the chin strap because my jaw kept falling open when I was asleep and even that was good.

The over-all feeling I had was of being comforted and hugged.  Weird, eh?

The wires, leads, sticky stuff and the oxygen monitor on my finger all bothered me, so it wasn’t great sleep but it was good sleep (5 or so wakings for things to be adjusted).  Love the sleep tech, JP.  He’s a great guy and not intrusive at all.

This is the first morning in a really long time where I’m not feeling dizzy and sick.  I’m still tired, but considering the sleep debt I’ve got going on, that is not surprising.

The most difficult part about the pillows?  Trying to relax and not worry about their positioning.  I’ll have to go in and have my neck/back adjusted today…. so worth it though.

After years on sleeping pills, I may finally be nearing some good sleep on a regular basis.  I felt like I was being cuddled last night….  face cuddling…  Yep.  That sounds really weird too.  But seriously, that’s how it felt.  I might even be out of nightmare territory with the cpap.

As for the sound?  Minimal.  It was so quiet I almost didn’t notice it except when I was fully awake at a couple points.  And there were actually moments where I forgot I had the nasal pillows on.  It’s very well structured to be as minimally invasive as possible.  Blessings to the folks who came up with it!!

cheers from a much more awake moonfire


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