maybe a bit of relief

6 hours straight last night.  It’s a start.  Throwing the football with Bren tonight.  Fun stuff.  Jammed my finger and  it’s now my “Mom Badge of Honor”.  🙂

Hungry but not interested in eating.  Weird feeling.

Got 100% on my midterm last weekend.  This in the midst of insomnia central.  Nice to know I can thrive in the middle of adversity!

Time to find something productive to do…. like reading for my classes.


Oh and one new thing!  I found a fantastic law program.  Well rated and it offers the area that I most want to pursue.  It’s a master’s program, so there’s no issue with residency AND it’s a law and policy program.  This means it dovetails nicely with my MPA.  Yes, this is slightly a case of “chickens being counted before they are hatched” since I don’t have the MPA yet.

Won’t be happening in 2012 though.  I need a break between programs.


How am I going to be patient while waiting to hear on the job thing?  Unknowns drive me nuts.  darn.


That’s it for me.


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