Tired, angry woman

My normal miserable insomnia is worse right now.  So in an effort to keep myself functional for work, I went to see a PA in my doctor’s office.  Ambien CR barely has been working lately.  She prescribed Trazadone.  Um, what??  My body took that stuff and kicked it to the curb, with prejudice.

Two hours after taking it, I was up walking around and calling the pharmacist to ask what I could do.

So here I am, home from work, which is exactly what I was trying to prevent.  My eyes are dry and sore.  I’m dizzy and queasy from lack of sleep.  I’m one pissed-off, angry hornet of a woman right now.

I found a coupon for Lunesta on their website… try it for 7 days free.  So I’ll give that a shot and see if it works.  Nasty taste side effect sounds awful, so I suppose I’ll have to be prepared for that with a way to counteract it.  Sounds like a good reason to get candy.

I don’t have a great deal of faith in the PA I saw yesterday.  I’ve got a long-term record of insomnia (read YEARS) and she actually asked me the dumb-ass “sleep hygiene” question.  Are you serious?  Lady, I could teach sleep hygiene at this point.  She also said… “Well, I just want you to know that missing sleep isn’t the worst thing that could happen.”

HOLY CRAP.  What the hell??  Seriously?  I’m tired and I’m miserable and you just said that to me?  (and yes, I’m also visiting Aunt Flo this week, so you can guess how that is adding to the mix).

I should have answered, “You’re right, missing work due to no sleep is the worst that could happen at this point.”  Oh wait.  I am.

Yeah.  I’m cranky.  Today was supposed to be training and meetings and student appointments.  There is no way I would have made it through.  A week straight of 4-5 hour nights has me thrashed.  Keep in mind, this is not 4-5 hours of good sleep.  I have Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, so my sleep is disrupted 14-15 times per hour of sleep.  Every 4 minutes or so I am disrupted from decent sleep.


I’m going to drink some hot tea and wait for the doctor’s office to call me back.  And I will attempt to stop cussing.



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