well howdy!

I had a little surprise in my email inbox earlier.  Seems I somehow ended up having my blog posting from the 17th listed out there in networld.

Funny thing about it is that I’m quite certain it happened because I mentioned my delightful air conditioning.  At least that’s my theory, although let’s not test it.  My response to the situation was a bit humorous.  I felt like I’d been caught with a dusty, cluttered (ok, that’s moonfire lingo that actually means downright messy) home.

Here I was, procrastinating like a good grad student and lo! I was busted by more than one person.  Normally it’s fairly easy to assume that the only folks joining me in my verbal escapades are my family and a few friends.  Apparently, this turned into the exception and writing about the experience becomes some kind of strange meta-narrative on writing and whining and school… and blogging.

I have the list of folks that stopped by and gave me some likes, so I’m going to head off electronically  this weekend and check out some writing.  I like the thought that maybe there are a few parent/grad student/lowly working peons out there, ready and willing to share their clutter and dust with me.

Cheers from a once-again procrastinating moonfire (crossing fingers that the legal project got 100%, but not counting on it!)


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