…sleepy… and unmotivated

I need to do my homework.  Hell, I need to do housework too.  I want to take a nap.  This is highly counterproductive and I protest.  Or I would, if I had the energy.

Worked on the household finances today.  Interesting experience for me when you consider that I have a little teeny budget to work with and LOTs of things to work on paying off.  Ahh… the life of a household of college students.  It would be a pleasure to anticipate a nice raise when I finish this degree.  Instead, I suspect that it will be underwhelming – IF it happens at all.

I will pray (in various forms) that the economy in our state improves such that tax revenues improve and perhaps the employees get a little raise to offset the impacts of inflation the last several years.

And perhaps pigs will develop silvery angel wings to transport themselves, ending our supply of bacon permanently.


The urge to nap may be winning.  Resistance is having no impact.  The gravitational pull of my bed is strong.


Still loving my classes and here we are at the end of week 3, heading into the midway point with week 4.  Don’t let me nap attitude fool you.  This is really interesting material and I am well satisfied with the choices I’ve made academically.  Now if I can get some energy and perhaps a little bit of patience too???

moonfire signing off – oh!  My sister is 39 as of yesterday.  Send blessings and cheers to her through your thoughts!  She is writing her dissertation and needs lots of support, encouragement and “you can do its”!!


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