patience is not my virtue

It could be argued that I’m not extremely virtuous to begin with and I could debate what being virtuous entails, but let’s get back to patience.

First though – Kari – I’ve found the pictures.  Now I need to scan them and email them to you.  It will happen, I promise… this is just a crummy time of year … see following. (hugs)

I now have 5 finals and one capstone course left in my MPA.  Good choice.  Obvious choice.  Not sure why I didn’t think of it before I finally got on the ball.  In my defense, we offer that program at my university, so it seemed odd to get the degree somewhere else.  Our program doesn’t allow online or weekend completion, so there you are.

Busy time at work.  Beginning of the aid year for 11-12 and being in financial aid is zoo-like at the best of times.  Now it’s bad enough that I feel slightly insane.  Sense of humor has kicked in, although my suspicion is that I’m the only one at work who gets it.  Bad news for me.

Finished my final yesterday.  Have 300+ pages to read by next Sunday and this is NOT light reading.  Will take it a piece at a time and see how it goes.  Wish thoughts of comprehension my way as it is the legal and ethical environment of business and a  second class, government management.  Yes, two classes in one term.  I will complete 4 this fall so I can graduate in April.  Full time graduate school and full time work.

We can all state, without argument:  I am insane.


2 thoughts on “patience is not my virtue

  1. I’ll forward on to you my favorite mantra, compliments of a t-shirt purchased in a thrift store in Fukuoka:

    “Never do things by halves!
    I do my best work in pain and turmoil, pain and turmoil!”

    Gobble up this mantra. We’re going to suck it up and crank it out, sister!
    We’ll be done next spring!
    Kill it!

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