mixed bag

Blood work results back from Monday.  I was having lithium toxicity, so my dose is reduced to 300 mg.  Will try alternative med if still have toxicity level, but I’m crossing fingers that it all goes well.  Maybe my dizziness will now abate, along with the tremors and the constant peeing.  Might regain a bit of my concentration ability and that would make me cheer.

Had a scare at work today, however, in the end the big boss gave me the correct information I needed and I’m good to keep continuing on my chosen field.  There must truly be an element of insanity in me, as I keep working there, even in the face of the stress and the incredibly whiny people.  Did tell the psychiatrist today that the benefit I am seeing with the lithium is that people aren’t pissing me off as much.  Good deal for someone working in financial aid.

I got my thread postings done tonight, so I won’t be losing points there.  I’ve got a 95.58% and would prefer to keep a solid A going into the final.

Mum is staying with us for a period of time (as yet undetermined) while she begins recovery from foot surgery.  I like being able to take care of her.  It feels right.  I wish our crappy little house was more ADA compliant, but that’s how it goes.  She’ll like be tired of it within a few days, but we’ll try to keep her happy.  (Kari – the kids are talking mum’s ear off… it’s really sweet!)

Tomorrow evening is my appointment with Sheila.  I’m getting to a point in my sessions with her where I open up and admit where the failings are… and I don’t feel unsafe doing it.  In a strange way, this is my opportunity to do something for myself, when that has been missing for a long while.

I guess I’d better go to sleep.  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.



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