the light glowing at the end of the path

It’s still really small, but it’s a nice little glow anyway.

I’ve got my remaining classes for my degree scheduled.  I start my capstone in March 2012, which means April graduation.  It also means double classes in the September and November sessions.  I would feel upset about that notion, yet knowing that I’m making the sprint for the end clears the worry away.  I won’t be able to slack to the degree that I have been and losing that built in down-time is scary, still I can hardly wait.

This has been a long, sometimes tedious slog.  I had some digressions along the way.  I think it all has to be worth it, otherwise I might lose my mind slightly.  I’ve worried a bit about what value this is truly worth and I’m still not sure.  In my mind, the perfectionist is nattering at me, suggesting that it isn’t a REAL master’s degree.  No master’s thesis.  Writing, yes, but how heavy has it really been?

I won’t undercut the fact that I’ve made it this far and the ending is finally coming up.  All the hours do mean something.  And my husband and kids can celebrate the successful conclusion on the last day, with the submission of the last test, the last assignment.

…sigh…  April seems a long way off.  Happy August.



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