blech. tired, tired, tired

Combine stressed students with system slowness and what do you get?  Extremely grumpy staff.

I really do not want to go to work tomorrow.  Ugh.

In happy news my current position has been posted effective today.  It closes Aug. 15th.  I don’t get to transition to my new position until my current one is filled.  At least the countdown is making progress now.

I have done a bit of homework and now the boys and I are watching the first Harry Potter movie.  My attention span is minimal, so truthfully I’m only watching with half an eye.  I’d rather be asleep, but who am I to ruin their fun?

Perhaps I will lie on the floor and drift off a bit while the movie winds down.  Hmmm… tempting.

Nothing interesting to note.  No clever thoughts.  Writing is an effort, but I’d like to keep some momentum going, thus this pathetic little “tired” entry about nothing much at all.

sleepy moonfire


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