silly grin and wiped out auntie

I’m an aunt.  I really wish I could be in Vancouver right now, so I could say hello to my brand new nephew.  This is such an exciting thing and I want to celebrate with my sister and her husband (even though I know they are probably completely worn out right now).

Now I have to wait (im)patiently for pictures.

I’m so very happy for them.  I know that it’s a strange new world you look out into when you make the shift to being a parent.

I kissed my guys good night this evening and I could feel the grin stretching all over my body.  My sister and her husband get to feel this.  They get good night kisses… hugs… nights where you sit up, helping a sick child… first days and milestones.


It’s easy to forget sometimes.  I talked to the mom of one of our possible future students today.  She is heartbroken because her student’s financial aid won’t be enough to cover their expenses and they don’t know what they’re going to do.  We talked about how hard it is – wanting to see our children be successful and knowing that sometimes we have to be there to listen to their disappointments and failures too.  We want to make everything better, even though it’s not always possible.

I look back at the years and it feels like it has flown.  Then I talk to a mom with a college-age child and I am thankful that’s a long time off in the future.

I read a story this weekend about a man on another world who realized that all the moments that made up his life were within a mental stretch of each other.  He was able to reach back, stretch his mind, and there he was, able to make another decision at the moment he had chosen.  I wondered, after I read it, if I would do the same given the chance?  What if one small choice made through the line of time caused me to miss out on my children?  I could never do it – never take the chance.

I did my best for that mom today.  In between the endless traffic we experienced today, I read the quick email that announced the arrival of a new boy in our family.  I was wiped out… sore from sitting, tied to my desk by the telephone queue… and here was this most wonderful news.

I’m a wiped out auntie and I’m still smiling.  Can I start doting now?



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