Sad news and happy changes

My Nana found peace yesterday.  I feel such as strange mix of sadness and happiness that she is no longer in pain.   It’s hard to know which way to feel and all I can say is how glad I am that I visited last month.  Mostly, though, I feel sad for my dad and my uncle.  My mom means everything to me and I can only imagine how they are feeling – are they feeling a little lost?  Maybe the world feels a bit emptier and lonelier?

How do you say goodbye to your parents?  I know the loss I feel, but how are they dealing with it


School has taken a turn for the better and I am preparing to head into my last year of it starting in July.  The class I’m in now is a misery, but it’s only 8 weeks and then I’m done.

Work?  Well, it the same and yet different.  Potential changes in how things are done could be coming up.  I don’t know if they will actually be done or if it is more talk and little action.  No idea.  I have a lot to do and I’m feeling a bit at sea.  Did I pursue the other option?  No…  I wussed out.  The truth is that I have put so much time in to learning this new field.  I’ll get through August and see what I think.  Perhaps it will be a month at a time until I find some peace…

I have more to say and there are adventures with the kids that are coming up, but right now I’m tired and I just want to sit.  A little non-thinking time would be good.

moonfire signing off


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