Potty Time

At various times over the last 6 days I’ve had my own personal version of “Party all the time” going through my head – with the one substitution of “Potty”.  Now that we are doing it, we are doing all the time!  I’m thinking that he must have REALLY been using the hell out of those diapers.  And that’s why I loved Pampers for him.  Those are some hard-core diapers.

No.  I never thought I’d type that phrase… ever.

The small guy continues in his rock-star status.  Never get in his way once he’s made up his mind on a subject.  Holy smokes.  It’s amazing to behold.

Our big guy has been really tolerant.  I’m thinking we’ll need reinforcement for him to make up for getting firmly placed in the back seat attention-wise for the last week.  On the other hand, he’s been great about getting his reading done and I’m seeing some more math work in his near future.

My class is going poorly.  It’s pretty much a major disaster at this point.  I will hang in there to the end, but I feel like it’s pretty much a dismal outlook.  I’m tired and I think I’ve got a lovely case of pink eye, so it’s hard to get very worked up about it.  I simply do not want to have to repeat the class so I’ll have to hang in there.

I committed to a week-long out of town training coming up in June, consequently it appears that I’m renewing my commitment to stay at my job.  This produces mixed emotions in me, not the least of which is “How the hell am I going to make it???” and “Am I insane??”

Yeah.  It boggles the mind.

Well, I’m done in.  My hands are sore from all the washing.  It’s great for hygiene and killer on skin hydration.  I’ve got good hand cream.  Good thing as my hands are not thrilled with me.

One final note:  Band Aids and silky tape SUCK on tender young child skin.

cheers from Potty-Land,


One thought on “Potty Time

  1. Hey, at least you know Pampers are good for you when you are old…
    Also, when I was doing potty training I bought some moisturizing hand sanitizer from Walmart.
    Have you listened to “The Potty Dance” from the Pull-ups website? Or they will send you a DVD!!

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